Brewood Chess Circle

Any age. Any ability. Please view the joining the club page for details.

Joining our club

If you wish to join Brewood Chess Circle we look forward to seeing you.  The club meets on Tuesday evenings from 7:30pm and is open from September until June. 


In the 2018-2019 chess league season the club is open every week from Tuesday 4th September 2018 until Tuesday 18th December 2018 inclusive.  We will be closed for Christmas and New Year for two weeks on Tuesday 25th December 2018 which is Christmas Day and on Tuesday 1st January 2019 which is New Years Day.  We will then reopen for 2019 on Tuesday 8th January 2019 which will run right through until the last evening on Tuesday 25th June 2019. 


We accept adults and children (both males and females) regardless of chess ability.  There can often be a league match taking place during the evening however please do not let that put you off coming.  The club also enjoys a social atmosphere and refreshments such as tea and coffee are always available. 


There is usually at least one committee member at the club to welcome you and to answer questions that potential new members may have about the club.  Even if there is not a match, usually at least half a dozen members turn up at the club.  A mixture of playing games and mini coaching sessions such as common tournament openings and technical chess endgames are discussed.  


You can contact the club via one of the named contacts dependant on your situation named below, either by email or phone.  However you do not need to prearrange your visit to the chess club, you can just turn up on the evening.  Regardless of your existing skill level there are opportunities to discuss with existing members ways to improve your game. 

Contact details

Via email or phone


If you are interested in joining the club, the member of the club you should contact is dependent upon your circumstances. 


Experienced chess players


We run two standard play league teams and are also in two standard play cup competitions for standard play matches, and we also run a rapid play league team, all against other local chess clubs.  We also have our own internal standard play club championship ECF graded, as well as our own internal rapid play club championship ECF graded for rapid play. 

We believe that this caters for chess players of most standards.  Should you wish to play chess for the club in local league competitions against other local clubs we will assess your level of play and then place you in the team best suited to your ability. 


Please contact: 

David Blower; (club chairman:)  Telephone:  07766861280

Email Address:  blowerd at hotmail dot co dot uk (the and sign and the dots in the email address have been removed to help prevent spam emails.) 


Adults new to chess


The club accepts all players that enjoy playing chess and if you are an adult new to chess you can get tips on how to improve your play from experienced members of the club.  There is no obligation for any new member to play competitive league chess.  You are welcome to come along to the club to play friendlies with the opportunity to play in the clubs teams should you wish to. 


Please contact: 

Andrew Davies; (club secretary:)  Telephone:  (01902) 845303

Email Address:  andrew_p_davies at btopenworld dot com (the and sign and the dot in the email address have been removed to help prevent spam emails.) 




We welcome children at the chess club of all abilities from those playing the game for the first time to those who wish to play in the club's teams.  Age is no barrier to playing chess. 


Your main contact should be Andrew Davies.  He is a qualified chess arbiter [referee] and he also has experience of running chess events for children. 


Andrew Davies; (club secretary:)  Telephone:  (01902) 845303

Email Address:  andrew_p_davies at btopenworld dot com (the and sign and the dot in the email address have been removed to help prevent spam emails.)  


Advice for parents

Brewood Chess club is a friendly and social chess club and going to the chess club is a great way to make friends for both adults and children.  A parent is encouraged to stay and watch their child's activities and the club will be happy to answer any questions you may have.  We want your child to enjoy themselves whilst at the club with parents being encouraging and supportive. 


Club Premises


The club premises is a no smoking venue, with adequate toilet facilities and with refreshments always available. 


Junior policy


Sportmanship is encouraged and it is correct chess etiquette that you should shake hands with your opponent before the game has started and then afterwards when the game has finished.  


There is no minimum ability level required to join our chess club and enjoyment of the game alone is enough.  Juniors will get advice from experienced members of the club on how to improve their level of play.  There can often be mini coaching sessions that take place on evenings that concentrate on a particular aspect of chess.  


Juniors do get the chance to play in teams.  In fact a junior member of the club played in the team that won the Dudley Chess League Division 3 in the 2012-2013 chess league season, our most recent trophy win to date. 


Most of all chess is fun.


Why not get started with this basic checkmate:


Why join the club?

Brewood Chess Circle is a friendly and social club.  Potential new members would make the club more diverse both competitively and socially.  


The variety of tournaments is huge and we therefore believe that there is something for everyone, regardless of if you are just learning the game, or want to be on board 1 in our best team.  


Where to find us

Brewood Chess Circle

St. Mary's (RC) Church Hall,

Wharf Lane,



ST19 9BG


Directions:  (The link below will take you to Google maps.  The link will open in a new window.  However if you prefer there is also a written description below:) 


Google Maps


Leave the A449 at Coven, and follow the directions for Brewood.  Follow the road into Brewood until you reach the village square.  Turn left when you reach the Lion public house, and after about 500 yards look out for the Bridge Inn on the right hand side.  Take the next turning on the right, into Wharf Lane. 


The church hall is on the left just after the church.  About 100 yards along the lane is an entrance (to the rectory etc).  In the wall just inside that entrance is an iron gate, with the hall door right behind it. 


Car Park

You can park on the left hand side of Wharf Lane, and there is also the large school car park inside the entrance.