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At Brewood Chess Circle whilst we all enjoy playing chess, you will also find members enjoy analysing other previous games of members.  It can often be a useful process having other club members explain alternative moves to the ones that were actually played in the game.  All of the games included here are ECF graded games. 

Mark Keady wins 2014 Blackpool Congress

Here are Mark Keady's rounds 3 and 4 games from the Blackpool Chess Congress 2014 - Intermediate Section, which Mark Keady would eventually win.  



For full details why not look at the match report from the website from the time of the match?  The link is here:  Blackpool Chess Congress 2014 report


Final moves of Roger Grainger's great win at St. George's

This is the final few moves of Roger Grainger's win against Mark Tallis of St. George's Chess club.  All analysis has been done by Roger himself.  

The match report, explaining the context of the match from the time it happened is here: 

St. George's v Brewood


2012-2013 Brewood Chess Circle Championship:  

Round 1: 

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Round 2: 


Round 3:


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Wolverhampton Chess League Division 3:  Rushall C v Brewood B - Monday 1st October 2012



Dudley Chess League Division 3:  Walsall Kipping v Brewood - Thursday 4th October 2012



Dudley Chess League Division 3:  Brewood v Mercia - Tuesday 6th November 2012 


 Brewood VS Mercia (Dudley League 3) 6/11/12


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Cannock Chess League 2012-2013 Division 3, Rugeley v Brewood - Tuesday 20th November 2012



Brewood Chess Circle's 2016-17 Season

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