Brewood Chess Circle

Any age. Any ability. Please view the joining the club page for details.


These are various links to other local community groups and other chess clubs that visitors to our site may find useful.  Many of these websites are mainly updated by volunteers so information on them might not always be up-to-date.  All of them are 3rd party websites and are unrelated to Brewood Chess Circle. 

If there is a more relevant website for any school, group or organisation contained within these links please let us know so that the link can be updated. 

  • Various useful websites for different schools, groups and organisations around the village of Brewood. Brewood Chess Circle hopes to have good relationships with all schools and local community groups within Brewood.

  • The Brewood Chess Circle links on the social networking websites such as facebook, twitter, youtube and google plus.

  • Relevant links to other local chess clubs which are arranged in alphabetical order of chess club. The links are either to the club's own website or to the Wolverhampton Chess League's wikipedia page for the club, the Staffordshire Chess Association's webpage for the club or to the Birmingham Chess League's webpage for the club. If anyone finds a more useful link please let us know.