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Brewood Chess Circle 2018 Summer Tournaments

Posted on May 9, 2018 at 7:50 PM

It has been another busy winter league season for Brewood Chess Circle with it being a successful season on the board as we won the Chase Trophy run by the Cannock Chess League, and surviving relegation by finishing 5th in the Wolverhampton Chess League Division Two. 

The time controls during those winter league matches were a lot longer than the time controls of two of our annual tournaments which have now being arranged for the summer.  Here are the dates and the details of them. 

10 second lightning buzzer tournament - Tuesday 29th May 2018

For those unfamiliar with this tournament a buzzer will sound at 10 second intervals.  You must make your move as the buzzer sounds, not before and not afterwards. 

5 minute blitz tournament - Tuesday 19th June 2018

Both players have 5 minutes for all moves. 

Entry Fees

These are fundraising events for Brewood Chess Circle so we would like to make it clear that there is no prize money at stake.  However these are fun tournaments to play in and the entry fee has been made as cheap as possible to try and ensure high demand from players from other clubs.  If you enter one tournament you can also enter the second tournament at half price. 

The entry fee for visitors from other clubs will be as follows: 

Adults £2 per tournament (£3 for both tournaments.) 

Juniors £1 per tournament (£1.50 for both tournaments.) 

Although demand has never been as high as 40 players in the past, there is a limit of 40 players that can enter the tournaments.  It will be done on a first come first served basis via an email to David Blower (email address is below.)  Payment will not be required until the evening of the respective tournament but please confirm entry at least 24 hours before the respective tournament starts. 

Format of the tournaments

The format of the tournament will be decided on the evening dependant on how many entries there are.  If there are 14 or less players the tournaments will be all-play-all.  If there are 15 or more entries than the tournament will be a Swiss tournament.  Both tournaments will be completed within one evening. 

History of the tournament

These two annual club tournaments used to be held in the winter.  A few years ago issues with fixture congestion meant that the tournaments were postponed until the summer and they have remained in the summer ever since.  There is not a lot of other chess happening in the summer locally so it also enables some competitive play to be held after the main winter league season has finished. 

These two annual tournaments have always been internal club tournaments in the past and therefore unsurprisingly Brewood Chess Circle members dominate the list of previous winners of the tournament!  That said the webmaster does not have a complete list of previous winners in front of him as he types out this article. 

Last year's winner of the 10 second lightning buzzer tournament was Mike Jarocki.  However the defending champion of the 5 minute blitz tournament is Nathanael Paul from Newport Chess Club.  Last year the club decided (albeit very late on) to open up the tournaments to members from other clubs and it attracted three members from other chess clubs and they took the top three positions. 

This year there was unanimous agreement at this year's club AGM that we should continue to open up the tournament, so that other local interested players can also compete in the tournaments should they wish to.  It is always interesting to play against players from other local chess clubs and with more advertising of the event it should enable more players to be aware of the tournament. 

Why you should enter the tournament?

Because it is great fun.  If you are reading this article not knowing what to expect from these tournaments than with the (much) shorter time controls they can be a great leveller.  Even the best players at our club can find it difficult to win these games of chess. 

The usual pressures and careful thinking of a standard play chess match go completely out of the window and the focus instead is on the first gut instrinct of playing chess.  However these games can also be good practice for the occassions when a standard play match goes to the last few minutes of a time control. 

It depends who plays the best chess on the night but no one should worry about making blunders as they will likely be made by all players during the evening.  As everyone starts on 0 anyone on the night can win the tournaments.  Good luck to all the players that enter the tournaments and I myself am looking forward to them. 

One request we would ask of any player wishing to take part in the tournaments is to be at the club on time in order that the competition can start promptly. 

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Reply George
11:54 AM on May 29, 2018 
Sorry but can't make it tonight.

George Kolbusz
Reply George Kolbusz
1:09 PM on May 25, 2018 
Hi David, Please enter me for both tournaments.


4:20 AM on May 24, 2018 
I am entering both tournaments.
Reply David Blower
2:21 PM on May 11, 2018 
It is a 7:30pm start and yes you can pay on the day. Just please let me know at least 24 hours beforehand.
6:54 AM on May 11, 2018 
I would like to enter both of your tournaments although I might struggle to make the first one.
I would just like to know what time I need to be at your venue as I cannot see a start time in the email? I assume it will be a 7.30pm KO.Also do I pay on the night?