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Juniors at our chess club

Posted on November 1, 2015 at 2:10 AM

There has recently been the addition of some new junior members to the club and this has been welcomed by everyone within the club not least because it is an important factor within the social side of the club.  In the long term, the children are aware that we play matches in local leagues against other local clubs, which gives them all something to aim for in the future. 

The website however, up until now, has never featured a news update blog entry, about this factor of the club.  It is of course though most definately an important factor in the life of the chess club. Whilst playing in the teams might be a long term goal, we hope to achieve one thing immediately, which is that any new members enjoy themselves at the chess club. 

The enjoyment factor is key.  The club's own "Joining the club" webpage on this very website, mentions the social side of the chess club several times on the webpage.  Here are a few quotes from the "Joining the club" webpage: 

"The club also enjoys a social atmosphere and refreshments such as tea and coffee are always available." 

"Brewood Chess club is a friendly and social chess club and going to the chess club is a great way to make friends for both adults and children." 

"We want your child to enjoy themselves whilst at the club with parents being encouraging and supportive." 

"Most of all chess is fun." 

I am sure you get the idea.  The reason for all of these quotes, is because it is important to the club, not just what we do, but also how we do it.  All of the quotes above of course, are easy enough to write on a website, by someone simply trying to promote the club. 

What is the reality like when a new junior member actually joins the club though?  The following quote is provided by one of the current junior members of the club, who joined within the last year, and he had no idea of the context of the rest of the article. 

"I've really enjoyed going to Brewood chess club, the members are very friendly and experienced.  They have taken the time to coach me and I'm looking forward to playing in competition's.  It would be great to have more juniors at the club to play against." 

One other thing to mention about the enjoyment factor involving children at the club is that the adults helping out enjoy it as well, and hopefully this also comes across to the parents and children.  To use a specific example one of the children at our chess club was recently taking part in a tournament over the summer. 

When I first met him, and showed him how to do the King + Queen v lone King checkmate it would have looked a bit strange.  There are 32 pieces in a game of chess, and yet 29 of them remain unused.  Why use only three pieces?  Two weeks later he got his answer.  He was actually winning games of chess with the exact same technique that I had shown him. 

The enjoyment he got from winning the games was good, and the enjoyment I got from watching him win the game, with the technique that I had shown him to do, but that he remembered himself, was immense.  I still feal elated with myself when I think about it, and seeing his enjoyment at his own win, from something I had told him about, was worth it for me as well. 

I was glad that I had shown him a technique that is useful in pratical situations.  All of the children have since learned some more difficult techniques.  However the enjoyment factor for myself of seeing a child learn a new technique for the first time is still the same, especially when they then use the same technique in actual matches. 

Nothing is ever perfect and Brewood Chess Circle is not perfect, and there have been things that have gone wrong, because chess is a difficult game to play.  Whenever things do go wrong though it is worth remembering that there is far more to enjoy about chess than to dislike about it.  We will come back to some of the technical chess things that have gone wrong later on at the club. 

For anyone reading this article, who is not a member of Brewood Chess Circle, and thinking about joining the club, the full details of how to join are mentioned in the "Joining the club" webpage of this website.  Here is the link:

I hope you have enjoyed reading the article.  I certainly enjoyed writing it. 

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