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Brewood Chess Circle Standard Play Club Championship

Posted on October 29, 2015 at 8:05 PM

The first round of the club championship has being completed, and the draw for round 2 has being published.  The club championship draw for round one was published as early as June 2015, and all of the results will be sent for grading. 

The round one results were as follows: 

Stephen Micklewright (103) 1-0 Derek Laight (166)

Mark Keady (151) 1-0 Mark Binfield (112)

Peter Crozet (96) 0-1 Roger Grainger (130)

John Fenby (129) 1-0 Andrew Davies (92)

Stephen Bird (102) 0-1 Paul Wright (133)

David Blower (105) 1-0 Mike Jarocki (122)

Paul Guest (120) 1-0 David Buckley (80)

Andrew Lenz (Ungraded) 1-0 Daniel Binfield (81)

The results had 6 games in favour of the player with the highest grade in the game, with two surprises B team players Stephen Micklewright and David Blower defeating their A team opponents Derek Laight and Mike Jarocki.  This was a very good result for Stepen Micklewright and was the first game played in this years tournament. 

This has left the club championship standings after round one as follows: 

David Blower 1

John Fenby 1

Roger Grainger 1

Paul Guest 1

Andrew Lenz 1

Mark Keady 1

Stephen Micklewright 1

Paul Wright 1

Daniel Binfield 0

Mark Binfield 0

Stephen Bird 0

David Buckley 0

Peter Crozet 0

Andrew Davies 0

Mike Jarocki 0

Derek Laight 0

The club championship is run as a 5 round Swiss tournament, meaning that players should meet other players in the tournament with the same score, provided they have not already played each other in the tournament.  Of less importance is getting the players to play the same amount of games as white and black. 

The second round is under way and there will be an update on the website once all the results in the round have been completed.  A Swiss tournament is different to a knockout tournament in that players are not eliminated after a loss, but continue to participate in all 5 rounds of the tournament. 

For any of the players that have lost their 1st round match, 4 wins from the remaining 4 matches, could still mean they end up as the club champion.  And for any of the players that have already won their 1st round match, a win in the second round will mean they will be in serious contention to win the tournament outright. 

It will be interesting to see what happens, but more often than not in the past, the championship has only being decided after the final round of games.  The winner gets the title of club champion, as well as a chess board presented to them, engraved with previous winners names of the club championship from previous years.  Also will not do the grade any harm at all. 

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