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Posted on May 13, 2015 at 8:05 PM

These articles were originally written by Andrew Davies for the club's May 2015 newsletter, which was given to club members who attended the club on Tuesday 12th May 2015. 

They are reproduced here on the club's own website so that members who did not attend the club on that date can have knowledge about the discussion points and form an opinion on them ahead of the club's AGM on Tuesday 19th May 2015, starting at 7:30pm, at the club. 



The articles are below, in italics, purely to make it easier to read. 

AGM matters - Should the Ladder tournament be rested? 

The Ladder tournament has been part of club culture since 1986-1987 but it has received very little attention in recent years.  During it's first sixteen years regular Brewood Chess Circle internal club championship winner, Gordon Luck won eleven times.  Of current members, Peter Crozet first won in 1999-2000. 

AGM matters - Wolverhampton & District Chess League's rate of play

On Thursday 21st May 2015 the Wolverhampton & District Chess League 2015 AGM will take place at Wolverhampton Chess Club, starting at 7:30pm.  At the meeting the Wolverhampton & District Chess League will vote on amending it's rate of play for league matches. 

The current rate of play is 30 moves in 65 minutes, with a 15 minute quickplay finish which was agreed and voted upon at the 2014 AGM of the league.  The proposal is to change the rate of play to 30 moves in 75 minutes, with a 15 minute quickplay finish, an increase of 10 minutes for each player. 

There is also an amendment that will be proposed that the increase in the time controls will only apply to divisions 1 and 2 of the league and the Pittaway Cup, leaving divisions 3 and 4 and the Humphreys Trophy to use the existing time controls as the default time controls.  In short, the Brewood A and the Brewood B teams, could be playing next season under different time controls. 

Andrew Davies and David Blower are attending the Wolverhampton & District Chess League 2015 AGM on behalf of Brewood Chess Circle.  So that Andrew Davies and David Blower can best represent the club's interests, do players have any opinions on this proposal? 

There are no written proposals for the Wolverhampton & District Chess League to include provision for digital chess clocks but last year's AGM made reference allowing provision for them.  In case this is raised again, do you have an opinion on the subject? 

AGM matters - Amending Tournament Rules

In the past the club committee has discussed tournament rules when problems arose or circumstances changed.  Will the AGM allow the committee to continue that flexible approach so that it can continue to revise and amend rules proactively when considered appropriate. 

The Wolverhampton & District Chess League proposal above will be monitored by the club committee as changes could influence tournament rules.  The club committee will also monitor the use of digital chess clocks so the practicalities of including them as a tournament option might be considered. 

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