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We're going to Shrewsbury, que sera sera!

Posted on October 10, 2014 at 4:25 AM

Thanks Doris.  I was going to do the whole line but it would have made the title of the blog entry way too long. 

The fixtures are now out for the Shropshire Chess Rapidplay League, although apart from our home leg at Brewood they have still to be confirmed.  And yes, Brewood really are going to Shrewsbury! 

There are 7 teams in the Shropshire Chess Rapidplay League 2014-2015 division 2, including Brewood.  Each team plays each other team three times each in the league, for a total of 18 fixtures for each club.  In alphabetical order the teams including Brewood in the Shropshire Chess Rapidplay League 2014-2015 division 2 this coming season are as follows: 


Newport B

Oswestry A

Priorslee Lions B

Shrewsbury B

Telepost B


The fixtures format always involves 1 team from the league hosting a match night with a total of 4 teams (including the hosting team) playing in the match night.  There are 10 match nights altogether and Brewood are taking part in 6 of them including the one that we are hosting.  This means we will be travelling to 5 away match nights during the season.  

During the season each of the 7 teams in the league host at least one match night, with Newport, Shrewsbury and Telepost hosting 2 match nights each.  Brewood will visit each other team in the league once with the expection of Telford.  Match night 6 is the home leg that we are hosting.  

Brewood play 3 fixtures on each match night that we are attending.  Brewood are attending match nights 2, 4, 5, 6, 9, and 10 sitting out match nights 1, 3, 7 and 8.  On match nights 2, 4, 5, 6 and 10 there are 4 teams and as far as Brewood are concernced we will be facing each other team once on the night.  

Match night 9 is slightly different.  To make the fixture list work Brewood will be playing against Newport B twice on the same evening, and will not be playing against Priorslee Lions B.  

Brewood have 9 "home" fixtures during the season and 9 "away" fixtures.  This is really to state in which matches we have black on board 1, and the matches we have white on board 1.  In all "home" matches we are black on the odd numbered boards.  In all "away" matches we are white on the odd numbered boards.  

Against Newport B, Priorslee Lions B and Shrewsbury B we have 2 "home" matches and 1 "away" match against each club, and against Oswestry A, Telepost B and Telford we have 1 "home" match and 2 "away" matches against each club.  

What follows below is a overall summary of the fixture lists without typing the whole fixture list out, but including all of Brewood's fixtures.  By the side of each team is how many times that team is playing on each evening that they attend, with it mainly being 3 for each club, but sometimes 2, and sometimes 4.  The match nights that Brewood are attending are bolded and underlined.  

Match night 1 - Newport - Tuesday 4th November (not involving Brewood)

Newport B 4, Shrewsbury B 4, Telepost B 3, Telford 3

Match night 2 - Telepost - Monday 24th November

Brewood 3, Oswestry A 4, Shrewsbury B 3, Telepost B 4

Brewood v Shrewsbury B

Brewood v Oswestry A

Telepost B v Brewood

Match night 3 - Telford - Wednesday 3rd December (not involving Brewood)

Newport B 3, Oswestry A 2, Priorslee Lions B 3, Telford 2

Match night 4 - Oswestry - Monday 12th January

Brewood 3, Oswestry A 3, Priorslee Lions B 3, Telford 3

Telford v Brewood

Brewood v Priorslee Lions B

Oswestry A v Brewood

Match night 5 - Shrewsbury - Friday 23rd January

Brewood 3, Priorslee Lions B 3, Shrewsbury B 3, Telepost B 3

Telepost B v Brewood

Priorslee Lions B v Brewood

Brewood v Shrewsbury B

Match night 6 - Brewood - Tuesday 3rd February (confirmed)

Brewood 3, Newport B 3, Oswestry A 3, Telford 3

Brewood v Telford

Oswestry A v Brewood

Brewood v Newport B

Match night 7 - Shrewsbury - Friday 13th February (not involving Brewood)

Newport B 2, Oswestry A 3, Priorslee Lions B 3, Shrewsbury B 4

Match night 8 - Telepost - Monday 30th March (not involving Brewood)

Newport B 2, Oswestry A 3, Telepost B 4, Telford 3

Match night 9 - Newport - Tuesday 7th April

Brewood 3, Newport B 4, Priorslee Lions B 3, Telepost B 4

Brewood v Newport B

Brewood v Telepost B

Newport B v Brewood

Match night 10 - Priorslee Lions - Monday 13th April

Brewood 3, Priorslee Lions B 3, Shrewsbury B 4, Telford 4

Telford v Brewood

Brewood v Priorslee Lions B

Shrewsbury B v Brewood

The complete fixture list is at the following website link:

This can allow you to see where exactly the differences that each team has from an all play all evening. 

The rules of the Shropshire Chess Rapidplay League for season 2014-2015 are here:  

To find out more about chess in Shropshire including how to enter the Shropshire Chess congress on 3rd/4th January 2015 keep up-to-date from the Shropshire Chess county website.  The link is here:

With the league being based in Shropshire the amount of travelling was to be expected, but we will have no difficulties getting 4 players for each match night.  This is the 2nd season of the league's existance and Mark Binfield first brought it up to the club's attention that we should enter this, back in January almost as soon as he got back from the Shropshire Chess Congress 2014. 

With his enthusiasm to enter Mark Binfield was duly declared as captain as early as March for this.  As the Shropshire Chess Rapidplay League is a ECF graded competition for rapidplay, and playing in it will not affect anyone's ECF standard play grade it is a chance to play competitive graded chess whilst not worrying about your standard play grade. 

Everyone at the club has being in favour of entering the league.  Mark Binfield has the nice problem of having to select his team from the list of those wanting to play with no worries about the fact that we won't have enough players.  With no managers office at the club if he needs to tell us that we are being "dropped" the kitchen will have to do!  We are really looking forward to competing in the league. 

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