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Mark Keady wins Blackpool congress

Posted on March 13, 2014 at 5:00 PM

Well done to club member Mark Keady who took part in the Blackpool chess congress over the weekend of 7th-9th March 2014.  The congress took place at The Imperial Hotel in Blackpool.  Mark Keady was the only club member from Brewood taking part in the congress.  He did quite well at the congress, he won it.  Congratulations to Mark from the club. 

Mark took part in the intermediate section of the congress, for players graded under 135.  There were 82 players taking part in this section.  The rate of play was 40 moves in 100 minutes, then after Black's 40th move both players receive an additional 20 minutes and the game must be completed in the time remaining. 

Thanks to Peter Purland from Wallasey Chess club for being the controller of the congress, and also being an arbiter at the congress.  Also thanks to David Welch from Clacton Chess club, Alex McFarlane from Tynemouth Chess club, Lara Barnes also from Tynemouth Chess Club and Fiona Green from 4NCL Manchester Manticores Chess club who were also arbiters at the event. 

In the list of results below the club of the opposition player is displayed alongside his or her name and grade.  This gives you an idea of how players from all across the country enter congresses, which is different in comparison to the league chess which is played at the club, which only ever involves local chess clubs. 

Intermediate section: 

Mark Keady: 

Note:  Mark Keady won the congress. 

Overall score:  4½ out of 5. 

Position:  Joint 1st out of 82. 

Match Results:  

Round 1:  David M Scorer (119) (Pendle) 0-1 Mark Keady (132)

Round 2:  Mark Keady (132) 1-0 David Summerland (107) (Leeds)

Round 3:  David C Dunne (115) (West Nottingham) 0-1 Mark Keady (132)

Round 4:  Mark Keady (132) 1-0 Kim A Andrews (Ungraded) (Wigan Knights)

Round 5:  Mark Keady (132) ½ - ½ Paul A Horman (141) (Morecambe)

4 wins and 1 draw from 5 ECF graded matches played. 

This is the link for the intermediate crosstable from the Blackpool congress:

Mark Keady statement:  With regards to the Blackpool Chess Congress it was a nice weekend and i played in the intermediate section, the largest section with 82 people.  I won my first four games and entered the last round with 4/4 and was paired with the only other person on the same score so a draw would guarantee me joint first place. 

I opened with e4 in the last game and my opponent then offered me a draw!  What to do?  Well over the years i have been in this predicament several times and normally refuse the draw, each time I’ve lost, so this time with it being one of the biggest congresses on the chess calendar and with the England Rugby match about to start I accepted. 

Mark Keady has also sent me some games from the congress with some comments in them.  They have now been added onto the games page section of the website.  Why not take a look at them on the games page?  The link is here:

There is also a brief board match report for his games in rounds 3 and 4 below. 

Round 3:  David Dunne 0-1 Mark Keady.  The chess opening in this match was:  B34:  Sicilian Defense:  Accelerated Dragon, Modern Variation.  On move 19 Mark Keady won a rook from his opponent.  Mark has sent me the whole game by email, and unless I have missed something, it looks like Mark's opponent simply blundered his rook. 

Mark's opponent responded by trying a trick, where he was to play a check with his pawn, that would lead to a discovered attack on Mark's queen, which would then be lost.  Mark almost missed it, but he did not.  Mark played a check, and by move 22 had also gained his opponent's knight.  The win was almost in the bag. 

But on move 23 Mark took a pawn, which was a poor move, giving his opponent a chance to win if Mark did not play accurately from then on.  This meant his opponent forced a series of moves getting back a rook from Mark.  Mark's opponent then threw almost everything at Mark, forcing Mark to lose another rook.  Meanwhile Mark had gained several pawns. 

The game was concluded in Mark's favour near the end.  Mark had a passed pawn on the g file, moving it all the way to g2.  He managed to take his opponent's knight, and pin his opponent's rook, with both the queen and his knight attacking it.  With a pawn on g2 about to queen, Mark's opponent resigned.  Mark Keady says:  "it was a very interesting game that I almost gave away." 

Round 4:  Mark Keady 1-0 Kim Andrews.  The chess opening in this match was:  B10:  Caro-Kann Defense.  In this game Mark and his opponent had equal material for the first 20 moves of the game.  However Mark had more space advantages, and after both players had castled kingside, Mark had a good kingside attack. 

Mark's opponent had several pieces on the queenside of the board, and despite being equal on material they could not get round to stop the attack.  Mark sacrificed his knight on the queenside for a mating attack on the kingside which by the time his opponent resigned was just a few moves away.  Another good win for Mark. 

Overall a very good weekend for Mark then.  Well done Mark. 

Finally here are some further links about the Blackpool chess congress should club members want to find out more about the Blackpool chess congress to enter future Blackpool chess congresses: 

Blackpool Chess:

Here is the complete prize money list for the Blackpool Chess Congress 2014:

Thanks to Brendan O'Gorman from DHSS Chess club who took photos at the event, which can be viewed on the following link:  

Also thanks to Simon Woodcock from Atherton Chess club who was the congress director.  This was his report from the Blackpool Chess congress website:

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