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The ECF Graded Internal Club Championship

Posted on May 21, 2013 at 6:25 PM

The internal club championship has continued thoughout the whole time of this season including when the club has had matches against other clubs in the external league competitions.  The website hasn't given as much detail about the internal club championship as it perhaps should, as the external league competitions have consumed the website. 

Perhaps this is understandable to an extent, it has been a season where 3 of the 4 teams had something to play for up until the last chess match of the season for that particularly team.  It has certainly been a very exciting chess season for us, in the external competitions against other clubs.  Nevertheless the internal club championship has the highest status of the 5 internal competitions that the club runs each season, and here is an update on it. 

With the new ECF membership scheme it was decided at the 2012 AGM that our internal club championship may as well be ECF graded.  Also matches in the club championship were generally felt to be of a standard similar to games that players were playing in the external league competitions which are always ECF graded, it would give the club championship a higher status and more prestige, and it would allow new members of the club to get grades more quickly. 

In short lots of reasons why the club championship was better being ECF graded, and it was passed by a large majority at the 2012 AGM.  This years club championship was the first season in the clubs history that it has been ECF graded, and its fair to say it has been a success. 

A large chunk of the club championship has been missed out off the website, and the website will try and be more timely in reporting news on the internal club championship next season.  Nevertheless this was the draw for round 5 of the club championship, the final round.  NB the scores in brackets is the players overall score after 4 matches of the club championship going into the round.  The score in the middle is then the result of the round 5 match. 

Paul Wright (3) 0-1 Derek Laight (4)

David Blower (2) ½-½ Roger Grainger (2.5)

Stephen Mickelwright (2.5) 1-0 Stephen Bird (2.5)

Mike Jarocki (1.5) 1-0 Peter Crozet (2.5)

David Buckley (1.5) v Mark Binfield (1.5)

Paul Guest (1.5)  v Danny Binfield (0.5)

Tony Colabella (0.5)  1-0 Andrew Davies (1)

Bye John Fenby (2.5)

With those results here is the table below.  Those names in italics have only played 4 rounds so far.  Where there is a tie for a place players have been placed in alphabetical order of surname.  Please note this table below is subject to mistakes, but its going from the email sent by John Fenby to all club members. 

Derek Laight 5

Stephen Mickelwright 3½

Roger Grainger 3

Paul Wright 3

Stephen Bird 2½

David Blower 2½

Peter Crozet 2½

John Fenby 2½

Mike Jarocki 2½

Mark Binfield 1½

David Buckley 1½

Tony Colabella 1½

Paul Guest 1½

Andrew Davies 1

Danny Binfield ½

Overall then Derek Laight has won the club championship, and Stephen Mickelwright finished runner up and in the process of that won the silver cup. 

The other thing about the club championship this season is that the format had being changed from an all-play-all system, to a Swiss system where the club championship was held over 5 rounds.  This was due partly because the championship was not getting completed under the all-play-all system with the amount of games to be played, and with an increase in the amount of external club competitons and an increase in membership of the club it was decided to change it to a Swiss system. 

It has worked well.  Before the final round Paul Wright v Derek Laight would decide the club championship, with 5 members in competition for the silver cup, including Paul Wright, there was also David Blower, Peter Crozet, Stephen Mickelwright and Stephen Bird.  With Derek winning against Paul Wright it meant that Derek had won the club championship, and it opened the door for the other 4 contenders to go for the silver cup. 

Peter Crozet lost against A team player Mike Jarocki and then David Blower drew against another A team player Roger Grainger.  This meant that if there was a winner of the match between Stephen Mickelwright and Stephen Bird that the player would finish as runner up of the competition and win the silver cup in the process of that.  Stephen Mickelwright won and therefore claimed those honours. 

In the middle of the table it is quite close with the 7 players below Stephen Mickelwright all within 1 point of him, and 5 players tied on 2½ points each.  It shows how competitive it has been, and how competitive the players at the club are against each other, as the ECF gradings also confirm it is close between the members of the club. 

So attention turns to next seasons competition where we will all start once again on 0, and will therefore be making a fresh start on the club championship for next season.  It is certain to be competitive once more, and for everyone who isn't Derek there is always next year. 

In the meantime congratulations to Derek Laight for winning the club championship, and to Stephen Mickelwright for finishing runner up and winning the silver cup. 

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