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A blunder at the chess board - Brewood 1.5 - 2.5 Cannock

Posted on April 2, 2013 at 6:55 PM

Here is the matchcard for the last match of the Cannock Chess League 2012-2013 Division 3 season for Brewood: 


Board 1:  John Fenby (119) ½ - ½ Ray Dolan (131)

Board 2:  Peter Crozet (106) 0-1 Matthew Carr (124)

Board 3:  David Blower (95) 0-1 Craig Horobin (91)

Board 4:  Paul Wright (95) 1-0 David Hadley (76)


Match reports from boards 1 and 2 are unavailable.  In board order from the top board, John Fenby drew and Peter Crozet lost.  The webmaster quite simply was so frustrated at his own loss that he did not even talk to anyone, about anything, after his own game, about any of the other games, apart from just confirming the results. 


If anyone of the players from either Brewood or Cannock want to submit a match report for their own match they are welcome to.  Quite simply emotions got the better of me, after a very frustrating defeat, on my own board.  However if you have seen the blunder I managed to make, you will at least understand why I got annoyed at myself. 


Board 3:  David Blower 0-1 Craig Horobin.  In over 500 years since the game was invented, the long proud history of the game, now has a new "worst move of all time" contender.  It was notated by myself with a double question mark, but there were not enough question marks possible to describe this move.  Andrew Davies had this reaction afterwards:  "We have all done it."  Thanks. 


Here was some video reaction of the incident:


Starting at the beginning of the game, the opening was A07:  King's Indian Attack.  Craig started with some advancement of his queenside pawns meaning I moved my knight back, and lost the central e5 pawn in the process.  He then advanced his f2 pawn to f4, and then after an exchange of knights, there was a gap to attack, and after moving my queen and knight to advanced positions all was going well. 


It was to end in a smothered mate, the kind of which you dream about.  It was checkmate in 2 moves.  All I had to do was sacrifice my queen to deliever checkmate with the knight.  Well that was the thought process anyway.  The smothered mate was never actually on.  Instead I blundered the queen.  I had the possibility of forcing the exchange of his rook for my knight.  That was the original plan. 


Instead I played what I can easily say is the worst chess move of my life.  Craig moved his king to take my queen and the game was basically over, although I played on for another 15 moves.  This left me after the end of the game to walk round the room for at least 10 minutes to calm down.  It was the most frustrated I have managed to get after a defeat.  Chess can be an emotional game sometimes. 


Board 4:  Paul Wright 1-0 David Hadley.  The opening was D08:  Albin Counter Gambit.  David messed up the move order slightly, allowing Paul to win a pawn and hold onto it for the entire game.  The game looked drawish at the end despite this. 


However, David blundered away two pawns after a relatively long endgame, allowing Paul to take the win.  While not nearly so eventful as Board 3's game, it was still a good game overall, and it got us the only win of the day. 


This finishes the Cannock Chess League season for Brewood, and the club has finished 7th.  At least the webmaster's blunder was done in this match as it was only the difference between finishing 6th and 7th. 


Unlike the Wolverhampton League for the B team in which the club survived relegation on board count difference, or the Dudley League in which a league title was at stake in the final 15 minutes of the season, this was already a dead rubber league match.  If there was a time to make that blunder, this match was the one to do it in, and David Blower consoled himself with that thought after a few days! 


The website will be edited with match reports for the other boards if they become available. 

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