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Brewood 1-3 Rushall A

Posted on January 24, 2013 at 6:35 PM

With apologizes about the delay, the match report for the Cannock Chess League Division 3 match at home against Rushall A on Tuesday 15th January 2013 is finally here.  First here is the matchcard: 


Board 1:  David Blower (95) 0-1 Shane Cooksey (125)

Board 2:  Paul Wright (95) 0-1 Keith Butler (119)

Board 3:  Mark Binfield (Ungraded) 1-0 Syd A Allen (99)

Board 4:  Daniel Binfield (Ungraded) 0-1 Peter Greenwood 78


Board 1:  David Blower 0-1 Shane Cooksey.  David's opponent opened up with the Queen's Gambit Declined:  Queen's Knight Variation.  The middle game was very even with pieces being exchanged to keep the material even. 


The endgame turned into a knight v bishop endgame, with David having the knight and it ended up as a tough defeat for him to take as after having played well he allowed a Bishop fork which meant he lost his knight and the game was over. 


Board 2:  Paul Wright 0-1 Keith Butler.  Paul Wright lost.  A detailed match report for board 2 is unavailable at the moment.  


Board 3:  Mark Binfield 1-0 Syd Allen.  Mark was the only Brewood player who won.  Mark played Sicilian against his opponent and managed to generate a pawn wedge on the queenside fairly early in the game.  He played his most accurate game so far in his fledgling career and managed to ultimately exchange off the major pieces and get a knight to c3.  A final skewer brought an end to proceedings. 


Board 4:  Daniel Binfield 0-1 Peter Greenwood.  Daniel's opponent played Philidor's defence and Daniel played very accurately early on.  On entering the middle game, Daniel made a couple of positional errors losing both a pawn and a bishop.  There was to be no miracle escape this time and his opponent ran out a worthy winner. 


Congratulations to Rushall for winning. 

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