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Match report - Rugeley 3.5 - 0.5 Brewood

Posted on November 21, 2012 at 7:00 PM

The first matchcard for the new website is below: 


Board 1:  Catherine Hiley 138 1-0 Peter Crozet (117)

Board 2:  Steven P Heath (122) 1-0 David Blower (Ungraded)

Board 3:  Anthony R Meakin (116) 1-0 Mark Binfield (Ungraded)

Board 4:  Rob Matthews (Ungraded) ½ - ½ Daniel Binfield (Ungraded)


It was always going to be a difficult match against Rugeley, and so it proved.  They have won every match in the Cannock Chess League Division 3 so far this season, and so it continued as Brewood faced a very strong opposition. 


On board 1 Catherine Hiley 1-0 Peter Crozet.  Peter with white opened up with the English opening.  Peter said in the car on the way back home:  "that it was an even opening, a complex middle game, and in the end I was outplayed." 


On board 2 was Steven Heath 1-0 David Blower.  A rematch of last seasons Cannock Chess League match, saw the Scotch Opening played.  David found himself unable to castle, with a very strong attack from Steven.  Eventually 2 passed kingside pawns left David with no way of defending both of the pawns, as all his pieces were needed on the queenside! 


Board 3 was Anthony Meakin 1-0 Mark Binfield.  The French Defence was played in this game, and Mark said that:  "I made the same mistake twice, twice allowing the queen to get pinned, lost the knight the first time, and then moved the queen back to the pinned position."  Tony took advantage of this to take the win. 


Board 4 was Rob Matthews ½ - ½ Daniel Binfield.  Daniel got a draw due to a stalemate from his opponent.  But that doesn't tell the whole story.  With black Daniel opened up with Sicilan Defence, and got a piece up early on.  He couldn't hold on to the position, and eventually his opponent queened his pawn, before the stalemate. 


Congratulations to Rugeley, and if you want to see their version of the same match report it is available here:  


Man of the Match:  Daniel Binfield - Daniel was competing in his first ever away match.  I have looked at the Rugeley match report, and they are full of praise for the youngster.  He gets the man of the match not just because he got the best result out of all of us, but also because he caused his opponent most trouble, looking most likely to win. 

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Reply David Blower
6:53 PM on November 23, 2012 
Thanks Rugeley girl (I'm guessing your Catherine) for the nice comments on the website. Hopefully I've summed up each match in a short paragraph, without going into too much detail but including the main points of each match.

I also hope Daniel enjoyed it, its certainly an experience going to another chess clubs venue.
Reply Rugeley girl
10:14 AM on November 23, 2012 
I would just like to say that I like your new website and match report format. I also whole heartedly agree with your man of the match and I'm from the opposing team! I can't believe that was his first away match.. I hope he enjoyed it! Shame he didn't get to celebrate with a pint after :)
Reply Binno
6:22 PM on November 22, 2012 
David a nice format for the report and indeed the preview. First away match for me and Danny. At least I enjoyed a pint afterwards. It would be nice to put my defeat down to lack of experience, but making the same mistake twice just points to a lack of ability! Perhaps we need a bar to help with future debacles!