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The Duke of Edinburgh Award at Brewood Chess Circle

Posted on July 29, 2020 at 5:55 PM

Learning about opening priciples whilst doing the Duke of Edinburgh Award.  This is an ideal position after ten moves.  

The Duke of Edinburgh Award at Brewood Chess Circle


Even though the chess club has never actively advertised it, (although that will be changing in the future) we are happy to help any young person who wants to do chess as their skills activity for the Duke of Edinburgh Award.  It is good for the chess club itself and more importantly it is good for anyone doing the award with our chess club.  


In the local area children from Brewood, Coven, Bishops Wood, Wheaton Aston and Penkridge go to Wolgarston High School and children from Bilbrook, Perton and Codsall go to Codsall High School.  Both schools offer their pupils the chance to do the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme for children in school years 9, 10 and 11.  

The chess club has helped out children in the past to do the award and it really is as simple as turning up at the chess club and enjoying yourself.  There are no tricks and no traps set!  In fact because there is so much to learn in chess any child turning up to do the award would not be treated any differently to anyone else at the chess club who is not doing the award.  


Then as long as you turn up for the correct amount of time to do the award for each level of Bronze, Silver and Gold, the chess club will sign off the relevant paperwork.  Of course we hope that any child that turns up at the chess club to do the Duke of Edinburgh Award stays beyond the minimum length of time to complete each level of the award because chess is such an enjoyable activity anyway.  


The chess club is aware that chess is a difficult game (which studies have shown is the reason why it is so enjoyable) so the chess club has never set an unrealistic target for a child to complete.  It is challenging to learn anything new but selecting chess as your skill subject is just the beginning, and the club is excited to help anyone complete their Duke of Edinburgh Award at every level.  


This website article would not be complete without a specific example though.  William joined the chess club to do chess as his skill subject to do the Duke of Edinburgh Award, and has been working hard. 

However before I go onto the specifics of his chess diary it has been good to get to know him personally, which is as important as the chess itself and William has met some new people by coming to the chess club. He is very quick-witted and has a good sense of humour but has took the chess seriously and he is a very polite, well-mannered, hard-working, young lad.  


Onto the chess diary itself then:  

The worksheet of what you can expect to do week to week whilst doing the Duke of Edinburgh Award at Brewood Chess Circle.  

In truth putting one or two lines for each week does very little justice to the amount of work that is done every week.  Whilst Brewood Chess Circle will not make it difficult for anyone to gain the award, it is also fair to say that the chess club will not simply give anyone the award either.  William will tell anyone we make him work hard each week.  


William himself gave the website his reaction: "It's good, it's fun.  The tutoring is good, you can learn new skills and it is a good place to do your Duke of Edinburgh Award.  You can also have a drink whilst your playing as well."  


The chess club would like to say well done to you so far William.  You have worked hard so far so keep up the good work.  

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