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Brewood Chess Circle help out Brewood Brownies

Posted on May 22, 2019 at 10:25 AM

Brewood Chess Circle have helped out Brewood Brownies by giving them the old chess cabinet that we had at the church hall.  With the move to The Royal British Legion and the storage space provided to us there, it meant that we simply did not need it.  

Therefore on Friday 5th April the cabinet was advertised on the local facebook group:  "Brewood Matters."  We would give it away for free but it needed collecting as it would be very heavy to move.  

The Brewood Brownies immediately responded.  They desperately needed it and although there was a slight delay because of the Easter holidays they collected the cabinet on Tuesday 7th May and we hope they are making good use of it.  Judging by the amount of stuff they had on the floor as we moved the cabinet to the Brownies, I can only assume that the cabinet was filled up very quickly.  

David Blower, chairman of Brewood Chess Circle gave this reaction:  "We are delighted that one local community organisation group has helped out another which is one of the good things about the village of Brewood.  In general Brewood has so many useful organisations and clubs for people to join and Brewood Brownies and Brewood Chess Circle are just two of them."  

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