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Chess event at The Boat Inn pub in Penkridge

Posted on July 3, 2018 at 9:15 PM

Brewood Chess Circle are delighted to announce that we will be holding a one-off social chess event at The Boat Inn pub in Penkridge on Tuesday 17th July from 7:30pm-9:00pm.  If you are reading this article having seen one of the many posters dotted around in Penkridge than please let me welcome you to the website and also to explain a bit more about the event. 

The event is absolutely free to attend and is designed to give people a taster session of chess.  There are already three members of the club that regularly attend the chess club in Brewood, that live in Penkridge. 

Some people in Penkridge might already know a man named Alan Ruffle who has been involved in various schools and library chess clubs within Penkridge.  Alan is a mutual friend of the webmaster and indeed I have from time to time helped out the club that was running at Penkridge Library a few years ago. 

Children (boys and girls) and adults (men and women) would be welcome to attend.  For any parents reading whose child might be interested in coming to the event there is no minimum age required to join a chess club although obviously it is down to a parents own common-sense.  For any parents looking for guidance if the child is already six or seven years old, they would be fine. 

There is also no minimum ability level required to join.  Chess is a game that takes roughly about ten minutes to know all of the rules and therefore only ten minutes to start enjoying the game.  Enjoyment of the game alone is enough.  Talking of enjoyment there will also be a fun element to the evening as well. 

I will be bringing my own chocolate chess set in which the pieces are entirely made out of chocolate.  The first junior to play using this chess set will be able to win (and eat) any pieces that I have not captured.  The fun part of this is eating the opponents pieces as you catch them.  Obviously once the pieces have been eaten there will not be any chance of a second game using this set. 

There will also be a competition for members of the public to try and set up the chess board in the fastest time possible.  It is unknown at the moment if there will be a prize for the winner at the time of writing, but if there is not one you will still have the glory of winning, and even if you do not win it should still be a bit of fun for the evening. 

Members of the club who already live in Penkridge will be on hand on the evening to explain more details about the club.  There is no doubt the club plays competitive chess in the winter league season but it is also a very social chess club and this should come across at this event. 

Here are the contact details for people that you might wish to contact:  (It is necessary I am afriad to edit the email addresses to avoid spam bots.) 

Andrew Davies (club secretary)

Email Address:  brewood dot chess at btopenworld dot com

Telephone Number:  (01902) 845 303

David Blower (club chairman)

Email Address:  blowerd at hotmail dot co dot uk

Telephone Number:  (01902) 791 663

We look forward to seeing the people of Penkridge at the event. 

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