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Brewood A team are staying up! Brewood A team are going up?

Posted on March 28, 2018 at 10:05 AM

The Brewood A team managed to secure a w in when a draw would have been a sufficient enough result to make sure that we would survuve relegation. 

Here is the match card: 

Total:  Brewood 4-2 Halesowen B

Board 1:  Derek Laight (157) 0-1 Dustin Bowcott (147)

Board 2:  Paul Wright (149) ½ - ½ Andy Ambrose (140)

Board 3:  Mark Keady (146) 1-0 Jon A Asbury (130)

Board 4:  Roger Grainger (127) 1-0 John Davis (131)

Board 5:  Mike Jarocki (122) ½ - ½ John W Southcote (105)

Board 6:  Andrew Lenz (122) 1-0 Silas Bowcott-Terry (79)

Match Report

After we whitewashed Walsall Kipping B 6-0 away from home, the Brewood team came into this match needing to only draw one of the remaining two matches this season to guarantee survival.  Taking no chances team captain Roger Grainger opted for the strongest possible team line up. 

Board 1:  Derek Laight 0-1 Dustin Bowcott.  Derek had a difficult match on the top board as Dustin used his queen to give a series of checks and gain some pawns.  Derek tried to zigzag his king to safety but to no avail as Dustin could exchange rooks. 

The endgame saw Dustin with a passed pawn with Derek desperately trying to defend it with his other rook.  Eventually Dustin managed to take the rook with his own knight to force a win. 

Board 2:  Paul Wright ½ - ½ Andy Ambrose.  This was the first game to finish and was an even game all the way through.  Paul at one stage advanced his knight into an attacking position but with a solid defensive structure for Andy there was no way to be found through.  Draw agreed. 

Board 3:  Mark Keady 1-0 Jon A Asbury.  Mark managed to produce a passed pawn on the 6th rank backed up by his own bishop.  The pressure eventually told as Jon resigned.  Mark has got into a good run of form recently with four wins in his last five matches. 

Board 4:  Roger Grainger 1-0 John Davis.  Oh yes!!  Roger managed to work out exactly what he needed to do in the end game to queen his pawn just about one move in time.  Roger had two pawns on the a and b file on the queenside and he eventually managed to guide one of them to b8 to get a queen.  However John had a passed pawn on the h file, which was supported by John's own king. 

John Davis commented:  "That's the trouble when it gets to this stage and everyone is crowding round you, everyone watching knows better than you."  The webmaster could not help smiling and nodding at this comment, chess is certainly an easier game to watch than to play! 

Roger eventually used his new queen to stop John from getting a queen of his own and so John resigned. 

Board 5:  Mike Jarocki ½ - ½ John W Southcote.  David Blower commented:  "You were a piece down weren't you Mike?"  As it turned out though Mike was not, he was an exchange down and had also gained a pawn so the game was in the balance despite the webmaster not looking at the game properly. 

John Southcote commented:  "It was an even game all the way through."  This board was the second game to finish and certainly proved to be a very useful draw for us. 

Board 6:  Andrew Lenz 1-0 Silas Bowcott-Terry.  This was the last game to finish and whilst the ECF Grading Database might suggest there was 43 grading points between the players, the game itself certainly did not.  Silas went a piece up early on and he kept his piece advantage until late on in the game. 

Andrew ended up with a knight and Silas had two knights on the board.  However Andrew had gained some pawns and Silas found it difficult to manoeuvre his extra knight to take full advantage of his position.  Andrew eventually used his own king, his knight and his passed pawns to good affect to gain a queen and force a win. 

If the Bowcott family are reading then they should know it was a very good game of chess.  Team captain Roger Grainger commented:  "I am glad I did not play Silas on board six, Andrew had to use all of his experience and find good moves to win the endgame."  

Overall Roger Grainger commented:  "Well done team; a team effort which means we avoid relegation and surprisingly, we could finish joint second if we win last match against Lichfield on Tuesday 17th April at home!" 

A number of things have to happen though for that to happen and it is out of our hands.  Nevertheless we have done all that we can in this match.  Wednesday 11th April - Kidderminster B v Rugeley.  We need Kidderminster B to at least draw the match.  Come on Kidderminster B!! 

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