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Brewood Chess Club rocks!!

Posted on January 6, 2016 at 11:10 AM

Oliver Skidmore, Aaryan Singh and Morgan Hill all made their debuts for the club in the Shropshire Rapid Play Division 2 match night.  It is difficult to believe that Oliver only joined us in September, Aaryan rejoined us in September, and Morgan joined us in October.  Before the game had started Andrew Davies had stated this about the evening, in the club's January 2016 newsletter: 


Shropshire Rapid Play B team home fixture


A warm welcome to players from Shrewsbury, Priorslee [Lions] and Newport, who join our own rapid play B team at Brewood tonight as the club hosts our team's second fixture of the season.  Our top three boards for the match will be John [Fenby,] Andrew [Davies] and Daniel [Binfield.] 

For board four, team captain Mark Binfield thought that a home fixture with three games on each board would be an opportunity which some of our younger players might welcome and benefit from.  Both David Blower and I agreed. 

After some discussion we felt that Oliver [Skidmore] should play first, Aaryan [Singh] (who has competed in a number of tournaments) plays second and Morgan [Hill] having the final game.  Do your best, and enjoy.  That is all anyone can do. 


A match report of the evening follows but first here are the factual match cards: 


Brewood B 1-3 Priorslee Lions B


Board 1:  John Fenby (Black) (117) 1-0 Gary M White (White) (139)

Board 2:  Andrew Davies (White) (92*) 0-1 George Viszokai (Black) (116)

Board 3:  Daniel Binfield (Black) (101) 0-1 Michael Reynolds (White) (91)

Board 4:  Oliver Skidmore (White) (Ungraded) 0-1 James Mountford (Black) (Ungraded)


Newport C 1-3 Brewood B


Board 1:  David Charles Lovegrove (Black) (99*) 0-1 John Fenby (White) (117)

Board 2:  Malcolm Price (White) (91) ½ - ½ Andrew Davies (Black) (92*)

Board 3:  William Gormley (Black) (76) ½ - ½ Aaryan Singh (White) (Ungraded)

Board 4:  Default 0-1 Daniel Binfield


Shrewsbury 4-0 Brewood B


Board 1:  Francis P Best (Black) (167) 1-0 John Fenby (White) (117)

Board 2:  Daniel Lockett (White) (151) 1-0 Andrew Davies (Black) (92*)

Board 3:  David MH Everington (Black) (150) 1-0 Daniel Binfield (White) (101)

Board 4:  Mark Smith (White) 138 1-0 Morgan Hill (Black) (Ungraded)


* = A player's standard play grade. 

Otherwise a player's rapid play grade is given. 


Match Report


Congratulations must go to Priorslee Lions who won all three of their matches in the evening, including their game against Shrewsbury in which they were heavily outgraded. 


From Brewood's point of view John Fenby had a successful evening winning two out of his three matches, and Andrew Davies had a mixed bag of an evening with a win, draw and a defeat.  Daniel Binfield lost both of his matches, and for the club debutants in order of appearance, Oliver Skidmore lost, Aaryan Singh drew and Morgan Hill also lost. 


Peter Crozet said:  "It is nice to have the juniors in the team." 


In the first match against Priorslee Lions, John Fenby won on board one.  The Priorslee Lions chess club website describes that Gary White had blundered his queen for John's bishop. 


Oliver Skidmore gave a comment about his game:  "I was one move away from castling, but then my opponent forked my king and queen with his knight, meaning I had to move the king, because it was in check."  That meant that Oliver lost his queen, and from there James completed an easy checkmate, with a combination of his queen, rook and pawn. 


Aaryan Singh offered a draw with material even, with his opponent only having about one minute left.  Both players had their own king, a rook and one pawn left.  Aaryan Singh commented:  "Maybe I should not have offered a draw as I think I could have got a win, as he only had a minute left."  Aaryan did comment that he thought his opponent had a bit of an advantage at the time of the draw. 


The Shrewsbury match was last of all, and Andrew Davies said this of his Shrewsbury opponent:  "He looked comfortable at the board."  The quote might look a bit silly written down on the club website, but I assume Andrew meant that his opponent looked comfortable at knowing what to do at the board, during the match!!  We do have comfortable chairs though. 


Unknown to me until I read Priorslee Lion's website is that Daniel Binfield on board three was playing against former 9-time Shropshire Champion David Everington.  Morgan Hill was disappointed with his defeat, although I was not to know that Mark Smith was graded 138, until I got home.  To put it into context that would be good enough to make board three in our A team. 


One other thing to mention is that as Newport only had three players, and defaulted board 4, it meant that the opponent on board 4 of which ever team was playing Newport at that time was left without a graded match.  Vincent played against Mark Smith when Newport played against Shrewsbury.  As stated above, I was not to know Mark Smith's grade, and Vincent lost. 


Newport against Brewood meant that whilst officially Daniel Binfield won by default, an inter club friendly match took place as Morgan Hill played Daniel Binfield with them playing two matches, winning one each. 


After a discussion between Mark Binfield and I, it was decided to give Oliver another go, when Newport played against Priorslee Lions, which meant that Oliver Skidmore had a rematch against James Mountford.  Whilst it was not quite revenge he drew the friendly rematch, although this did not count for grading. 


Before the evening began, I had wondered about what would happen, in the case of every possible result, especially as it had being partly my decision to play Oliver, Aaryan and Morgan.  It was fair to say that Oliver was nervous as he got into the club, but pre match he said it would be good to get experience. 


Obviously Oliver and Morgan were disappointed with their defeats, and Aaryan was slightly disappointed he had not won, but there was a determination from all of them that they would all improve.  The disappointment of not winning had not taken anything away from the fact that all three of them were very proud to play for the team.  So they should be. 


Priorslee went home pleased with themselves, but from our point of view we had got three juniors to make their club debuts, and with Daniel Binfield playing we had overall fielded four juniors during the match evening.  There were also seven other players at the club on the evening that we could have chosen to play had we wanted to. 


David Blower commented:  "Brewood Chess Circle, during its 36 year history, has always given opportunities for youngsters to play in the teams, and the Shropshire Rapid Play evening has just continued that trend.  I am very pleased that Oliver, Aaryan and Morgan made their debuts for the club."  


Oliver Skidmore commented:  "Brewood Chess Club rocks," as he left to go home, which is where the website article title comes from.  It was an easy decision for myself to put it as the website article title, as I agree with it.  It was a very good evening for the club. 

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