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Brewood A team retain unbeaten record - Brewood A 3.5 - 2.5 Lichfield B

Posted on November 25, 2015 at 1:40 AM

Another good win for the Brewood A team moves us up to second place in the league, albeit having played a game extra than Wolverhampton A.  Here is the match card: 

Board 1:  Derek Laight (166) 1-0 Terence Nabbs (154)

Board 2:  Mark Keady (151) 0-1 Gary Haime 138

Board 3:  Paul Wright (133) ½ - ½ Gary Monks (137)

Board 4:  John Fenby (129) ½ - ½ David W Fone (130)

Board 5:  Mike Jarocki (122) 1-0 Michael WA Hoare (127)

Board 6:  David Blower (105) ½ - ½ Bernard L Baptiste (126)

Total:  Brewood A 3½ - 2½ Lichfield B

Match Report

Board 1:  Derek Laight 1-0 Terence Nabbs.  At one point during the evening Derek went up to John Fenby and asked him if a draw was acceptable.  At the time four matches had being completed and we were 2½-1½ up. John assured him a draw was acceptable, meaning that John was quite happy with a 3-3 draw from the game. 

It was useful information for Derek to know, but he did not act upon the information.  He then refused two draw offers after getting this information from John.  With this being the last game to finish there was a record attendance (that I am aware of) watching a Brewood chess player play a match, with the total of ten of us crowded around the board. 

During the game Derek had to defend well to get the win.  Derek's king side was subjected to an attack early on with a pinned pawn, and Derek had to move his knight back to defend against the checkmate attack. 

In the middle of the game, Derek then threatened a checkmate attack himself, with doubled up rooks on the c file, and a knight on d3, with the queen also in an attacking position.  Terence had his pieces defending against the checkmate attack. 

Terence eventually doubled up rooks himself and threatened a counter attack but Derek had moved his king back to guard against the rooks attack. 

A queen and a rook were exchanged by both players, and this left both of them with a rook and a knight each.  With pawns on the board, Derek had to play accurately as his rook was restricted in its movement.  With accurate play combining the use of his rook and knight Derek had an advantage of one pawn.  Near the end of the game both players still had a rook and a knight. 

The game was concluded when Terence moved his rook to the wrong square, allowing a knight attack, thereby forcing an exchange of rooks, and Derek then used his better placed knight to fork King and pawn, winning the pawn.  An exchange of knights followed to ensure that Terence would have no counterplay whatsoever.  A brilliant win for the team. 

Board 2:  Mark Keady 0-1 Gary Haime. 

"What a swindle," cried out a Lichfield teammate. 

David Blower:  "It was a very good win for the Lichfield player." 

Even Mark Keady got up from the table smiling from this one, as the entire room, watching in complete disbelief saw a very big material disadvantage for Gary turn into a stunning checkmate attack which was successful by queen and knight.  It had looked very good for Mark earlier on, as he had a strong attack going. 

Mark Keady:  "I should have wondered why he left me to simply take the rook." 

Earlier on in the game, Mark had both of his rooks and his queen on the same file, to launch a strong centrally placed attack on his opponent.  He was already an exchange up.  Gary had placed his queen on the centre diagional, and had then started swinging his knight round the board.  This left a rook to be taken, and Mark duly took it. 

Despite the material advantage, Mark had his king trapped in the corner by a combination of his own pieces.  The knight moved to h3, which left Mark king's on g1 in check.  Checkmate would be delieved next move after Kf1 Qh1#.  Ouch!! 

At first it looked strange that Mark had resigned with the material advantage he had because if the checkmate attack had not happened Mark easily had the material advantage to win, but he had overlooked his opponents threats.  I did enjoy it though, but then again I was not on the receiving end of it!! 

Board 3:  Paul Wright ½ - ½ Gary Monks.  Paul Wright played out a very solid defensive draw which he was quite pleased with, and this also helped the team win.  This was the fourth game to finish. 

Board 4:  John Fenby ½ - ½ David Fone.  John had a very early draw and no details of this game are available.  This was the first game to finish. 

Board 5:  Mike Jarocki 1-0 Michael Hoare.  At one stage Mike looked like he might be defeated, but in the end he managed to come up with a good victory, with some powerful bishops on adjacent diagionals, a passed pawn, and a rook attacking a pinned knight.  It was a very good victory which was the third game to finish and at the time put us 2-1 up. 

Mike had both of his bishops raking the board to gobble up Michael's pawns.  Once there Mike could easily have forced exchanges of pieces, promoted one of his pawns, and then got an easy checkmate.  Michael chose to resign knowing this. 

Board 6:  David Blower ½ - ½ Bernard Baptiste.  This was a solid defensive display by myself, which did the job very effictively for the team.  If this was a football match, TV pundits would have been criticising me for parking the bus, but adding that the captain would be delighted.  Captain John Fenby was pleased, as no one from Brewood, including myself, cared about the defensive tactics. 

As this is a chess website here are some technical details.  The chess opening in this match was:  B50:  Sicilian Defence.  After 20 moves both of us had exchanged a pawn, and two minor pieces each, with the other 26 pieces all remaining in their own half.  There was a back rank mate threatened by my opponent, but I worked out I had to take with the more valuable piece to prevent it. 

The game did come to life for a brief spell in between moves 27-30, as a complicated exchange move order, meant that 3 different exchanges took place in 3 different areas of the board, meaning that two more minor pieces and a rook for both of us were exchanged off. 

After a couple of more pawns were exchanged, both of us were moving pieces back and forth, with neither of us willing or able to, play different moves.  A draw was agreed, and this was the second match to finish, making the score 1-1 at the time.  After last weeks defeat in the club championship a quiet game such as this was exactly the type of game I wanted.  Job done. 

Bernard Baptiste said to me after the game, that I had found every single move needed.  I was quite pleased, even though the result of the match was only a draw. 

The feeling was going into the match that we would have accepted a 3-3 draw, to maintain the unbeaten run, but Derek playing for the win, was worth it, as he won.  As I was watching Derek Laight and Mark Keady play, I commented to Peter Crozet that this would be a fantastic win if we pulled this one off. 

Peter Crozet replied:  "Yes, we only need one draw."  This was said during the match whilst we were 2½ - 1½ up, meaning that Peter Crozet as well as club captain John Fenby would have settled for a 3-3 draw. 

Many teams will play against Lichfield this season, and lose, as they had a strong team out.  This was a quality result for the Brewood A team.  Next up is Wolverhampton A away on Thursday 17th December at Wolverhampton Chess Club. 

As for Lichfield they come again to our place on Tuesday 23rd February 2016.  After two narrow away defeats against us, they will be hoping for third time lucky.  It would be a nice hatrick for us. 

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