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The Brewood B team start with narrow defeat - Halesowen B 3-2 Brewood B

Posted on September 22, 2015 at 9:35 PM

The Brewood B team ran the Halesowen B team close, as the Wolverhampton Chess League 2015-2016 Division 3 season for the Brewood B team got off to a losing start, away against Halesowen B, on Tuesday 22nd September 2015. 

However despite the result, there were some good performances and hopefully some encouragement for the season ahead.  Here is the match card: 

Board 1:  Peter S Banks (140) 0-1 Paul Guest (120)

Board 2:  Jon A Asbury (135) ½ - ½ David Blower (105)

Board 3:  Paul J Evans (127) 1-0 Peter Crozet (96)

Board 4:  John Davis (124) 1-0 Andrew Davies (92)

Board 5:  Richard Woolley (102) ½ - ½ David Buckley (80)

Total:  Halesowen B 3-2 Brewood B

Match Report

Despite being heavily outgraded on every single board the Brewood B team put up a good fight against Halesowen B but ultimately to no avail.  It came down to the very last board, but a dead drawn game for David Blower, ended up as a draw to finally decide the match. 

Board 1:  Peter Banks 0-1 Paul Guest.  Paul Guest was the first to finish so got us off to a flying start to put us 1-0 up.  The chess opening in this game was:  C62:  Ruy Lopez:  Steinitz Defence.  Paul's plan was to mess Peter's pawn structure up at the start. 

Paul Guest:  "I thought at one stage he was taking control.  Then I got back into it.  In the end I thought he would go for the perpetual check option."  It was a very even game, and then Peter took a pawn with one of his rooks, spliting up his rooks, and therefore blundering a rook.  Paul accepted the gift and as I looked across, as Peter resigned, I was surprised that Paul had finished a rook up. 

Board 2:  Jon Asbury ½ - ½ David Blower.  The chess opening in this game was:  D53:  Queen's Gambit Declined:  4. Bg5 Be7.  The first 14 moves of the game were very uneventful as normal development moves in the opening were completed.  Then I had a backward pawn stuck on c6, which was ganged up on by Jon's knight, and both rooks. 

There then followed a whole series of exchanges centred on c6.  By the end of it Jon had took the pawn originally on c6, bishop, rook and queen and I had only took knight, rook and queen to leave myself a pawn down.  It ended up with Jon having rook, bishop and seven pawns and myself with rook, bishop and six pawns. 

The pawns on the queenside were exchanged leaving Jon's one extra pawn a protected passed pawn on d4.  From there though I managed to get my rook and my bishop round the back of Jon's defence, to start attacking some of his pawns from behind.  Having got the pawn back in this way, we were both left with one pawn, and one rook each. 

It was a dead drawn game, but someone from Halesowen had filled out the match card with all of the other four results on it.  I needed to win to save the match.  I realised after a few moves that this was never going to work as the moves I was making were simply repeating the position, and any other moves that I could have made I considered to be worst. 

I was a bit disappointed to agree a draw, knowing this would lose the match, but the game on my individual board basically made my decision for me.  A good game, with a crowd of people watching the ending, with hardly a mistake from either of us.  It was a very nervy game, but one I enjoyed. 

Board 3:  Paul Evans 1-0 Peter Crozet.  According to Paul Guest, Peter Crozet was ahead at one stage, but managed to lose out in the end in a pawn race. 

Peter Crozet:  "I should have got a draw." 

Board 4:  John Davis 1-0 Andrew Davies.  No match report for this board is available at this time. 

Board 5:  Richard Woolley ½ - ½ David Buckley.  No match report for this board is available at this time. 

We all left and were disappointed to lose, but it was a good performance after being outgraded so heavily.  Next up is Lichfield C away on Thursday 1st October 2015.  It seems silly to say it is a must win game at this stage of the season, so I will not, but it will be important. 

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