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Brewood Chess Circle ECF graded rapid play club championship

Posted on September 9, 2015 at 9:40 PM

Andrew Davies wrote this article for the club's website on Tuesday 1st September 2015 which he sent to me via an email.  It is reproduced on the website to give some publicity to the club's ECF graded rapid play internal club championship.  The article below by Andrew Davies is in italics purely to make it easier to read.  Some quotes from members of the chess club follow below. 

The tournament will run between September and April.  It is being organised to help give an opportunity for any players interested in rapidplay games to build their confidence and experience. 

The tournament also makes use of digital clocks to help players familiarise themselves with their use and operation.  Match results will be sent for ECF grading so everyone who plays at least five games in the tournament will receive a rapidplay grade. 

On 15 September I will divide those taking part into two groups.  Players then have until the end of February to arrange and play games against the other players from their own group.  The notice board in the clubhouse will show which players are in which group and can be used to record results.  Each month the club Newsletter will include a table showing progress. 

At the end of February the highest scoring players from the two groups will be brought together and will then compete for the title of club 'Digital Rapidplay Champion'.  The lowest scoring players from those same two groups will also be brought together and will compete for the title of club 'Digital Rapidplay Plate' winner.  The winners should be known by the end of April. 

Fischer incremental time control will be used so that players can familiarise themselves with using digital clocks.  Each player will have 20 minutes for all moves, with the clock adding 10 seconds to the time available after each each move made.  Games should not last more than an hour. 

If you are worried how long games might last, with 10 seconds added after each move, a minute of extra playing time will have been added once move 6 has been completed, and ten minutes of extra playing time available if a player reaches move 60. 

If you are interested, please let me know by Tuesday 15 September.  The draw will then be made. 

Any questions, just ask. 

From Andrew Davies. 

It is confirmed that at least 8 members of the club, Mark Keady, Roger Grainger, John Fenby, Stephen Micklewright, David Blower, Andrew Davies, Daniel Binfield and Mark Binfield will be taking part in the tournament, and others can as well simply by letting Andrew Davies know that you wish to take part in tournament. 

David Blower commented:  "Obviously I am looking forward to the tournament.  There are two main things I hope to achieve from this tournament, 1) is to win the tournament, and 2) is to win at least one game in the tournament with more time than I started.  It is brilliant that we have graded club championships for standard play and rapid play.

In time, we hope that this new tournament can help increase the membership of the club, perhaps for players who like playing in rapid play tournaments.  I can not wait until Tuesday." 

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