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Brewood Chess Circle Summer 2015 activity at the club

Posted on May 6, 2015 at 3:00 PM

With no Wolverhampton Chess Summer League this year, there are still plenty of club activities that are going on during the summer as the club celebrates its 35th birthday. 

The first thing is a continuation of the Winter League fixtures as a rearranged match in the Cannock Chess League 2014-2015 division 3, away against Wolverhampton takes place.  The match was originally seheduled on Thursday 16th April 2015, and has now being rearranged for Thursday 14th May 2015.  This will conclude our Cannock Chess League fixtures for this season. 

Difficulties to get a team together have led to this rearrangement.  Due to some changes in circumstances that could not have been known about at the start of the season, it has been a difficult ending to arrange teams in our external league fixtures.  We can not win the Cannock Chess League this season, but it would be nice to end the season with a win. 

On Tuesday 19th May 2015 the Brewood Chess Circle 2015 AGM will take place at the club from 7:30pm.  The question of what leagues we should enter next season will be discussed at the AGM, and the specific question of should we enter the Shropshire Chess League division 3 will be specifically asked. 

The other question is should we have an internal graded rapidplay club championship competition under Fischer time controls, to replace the ladder competition.  The time control that would be used for the competition is 20 minutes for all moves + 10 seconds per move from move 1.  This is the same time control as is played in the Birmingham Chess Rapidplay Congress. 

The committee believe that Fischer time controls will become more widely used throughout chess in general.  There were talks at the Wolverhampton Chess League 2014 AGM of Fischer time controls being introduced into the Wolverhampton Chess League and they are already an option in the Shropshire Chess Rapidplay League, a league that we already play in. 

Fischer time controls are often used in congresses.  Whilst club funds do not allow us currently to purchase a set of digital clocks for use in team matches, the club committee aim to be proactive on the issue.  Not only will the competition help members get used to Fischer time controls, but it will help club members get used to and help set up the digital chess clock. 

Immediately after the AGM has finished the club will be running its own Individual Summer Rapidplay competition, although it will not be graded.  6 players from the club, Mark Keady, John Fenby, Peter Crozet, Mike Jarocki, David Buckley and David Blower have already confirmed that they are taking part in the competition. 

Each player will play each other player twice, once as white and once as black, in a league system to compete for the title.  Each player will have 20 minutes for all of their moves within a game.  It promises to be a good competition. 

There are also some internal club competitions that have not taken place so far due to a busy league season.  The 10 second lightning buzzer tournament is always a fun tournament and it will take place on Tuesday 9th June 2015 at the club from 7:30pm.  This is an all-play-all tournament with players moving at 10 second intervals when a buzzer sounds, not before and not afterwards. 

The main event of the summer which will hopefully bring the club some publicity is a 35th birthday celebration 8 board friendly match against our closest geographical rivals Bushbury which has now been confirmed and it will take place on Tuesday 30th June 2015 at the club from 7:30pm.  The exact players for both teams have yet to be confirmed. 

The 5 minute lightning tournament will take place on Tuesday 28th July 2015 at the club from 7:30pm, the last evening that we are open before the summer break.  With players having 5 minutes for all moves quick thinking is required.  It is different to the occassion of a normal time controlled match but it is useful, for when a standard play match goes to the last 5 minutes. 

The club closes for the summer on Tuesday 28th July 2015 and will remain closed throughout the whole of August.  Club members are reminded that they need to renew their ECF membership, by paying the ECF membership fee directly to the ECF, separately to the club's own membership fee.  The club then reopens for the new chess season on Tuesday 1st September 2015. 

During all of this the club committee members will be attending league AGMs and fixture meetings.  The Wolverhampton Chess League 2015 AGM is on Thursday 21st May 2015, at Wolverhampton Chess Club from 7:30pm.  The fixtures meeting for the Wolverhampton Chess League is on Tuesday 23rd June 2015 at Mercia Chess Club from 7:30pm. 

The main proposal from the Wolverhampton Chess League would be to change the time controls of the league to the first 30 moves in 75 minutes, with 15 minutes added on, an increase of 10 minutes from the current time control of the first 30 moves in 65 minutes with 15 minutes added on. 

There is also an amendment that will be proposed that the increase in the time controls will only apply to divisions 1 and 2 of the league and the Pittaway Cup, leaving divisions 3 and 4 and the Humphreys Trophy to use the existing time controls as the default time controls.  In short, the Brewood A and the Brewood B teams, could be playing next season under different time controls. 

With the main leagues finishing at the end of May, the lighter and warmer evenings, and other activities that take place during the summer, there is often a reduced attendance throughout the summer at the club.  Regardless of if you turn up regularly throughout the summer or not, the club hopes you have a good summer. 

With the prospect of the Shropshire Chess League next season it promises to be an exciting season. Full details of the proposals at the AGM will be circulated to members as soon as possible. 

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