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Brewood miss John Fenby at Rushall - Rushall A 5.5 - 0.5 Brewood A

Posted on February 17, 2015 at 8:45 PM

On Monday 16th February 2015 the Brewood A team travelled to Rushall in the Wolverhampton Chess League 2014-2015 division 2 season to play against the Rushall A team.  The result was a heavy defeat with the captain John Fenby absent.  The result still leaves a possibility of relegation.  The match report from Roger Grainger follows shortly but first here is the matchcard: 

Board 1:  Richard D Westwood (193) 1-0 Derek Laight (161)

Board 2:  John Grant (135) 1-0 Mark Keady (154)

Board 3:  Roger Threlfall (141) ½ - ½ Roger Grainger (132)

Board 4:  Stephen R Wilcox (133) 1-0 Mike Jarocki (113)

Board 5:  Richard Wiltshir (UG) 1-0 Paul Wright (126)

Board 6:  Keith Butler (105) 1-0 Peter Crozet (106)

Total:  Rushall A 5½ - ½ Brewood A

NB:  The board order was based on the July 2014 grades but the results that will be counted for grading are based on the more recent January 2015 grades which are the numbers in brackets besides each players name on the matchcard shown above.  

Match report from Roger Grainger

The match at Rushall for the first team was a disaster as all lost except for myself so we lost 5½ - ½.  Paul Wright played on board 5 and Peter Crozet played on board 6 in absence of John [Fenby] our normal captain. 

Roger Grainger:  "I put the result down to poor captaincy by me!" 

The Brewood A team did miss the captain John Fenby at Rushall as the Brewood team only managed to get half a point against a strong Rushall team. 

Board 1:  Richard Westwood 1-0 Derek Laight.  The Rushall team fielded Richard Westwood on board 1.  Richard was ungraded at the start of this season having played no matches last season but he received a grade in the January 2015 ECF grading list of 193.  Derek lost to Richard having lost a minor piece for no compensation early on which is unknown for Derek. 

Board 2:  John Grant 1-0 Mark Keady.  Mark lost on board 2 and was positonally outplayed.  

Board 3:  Roger Threlfall ½ - ½ Roger Grainger.  I had a draw on board 3 in yet another Ruy Lopez exchange variation where 2 minor pieces and the Queens were exchanged before move 10!  

Board 4:  Stephen Wilcox 1-0 Mike Jarocki.  Mike lost to Steve Wilcox on board 4 where Wilcox played the Morra Gambit, Mike taking the pawn but getting a very awkward position and losing a Rook for a Knight exchange which eventually lost him the endgame. 

Roger Grainger commented on Mike Jarocki's game:  "Team members should be aware of games such as this when they play the Sicilian defence so maybe Mike could demonstrate."  

The following evening Mike Jarocki gave this reaction to David Blower:  "My opponent said to me afterwards I had made only one error and had found lots of good moves during the game.  It wasn't a blunder but a strategic positioning error but in the end that was enough for my opponent to have the advantage and win the game." 

Board 5:  Richard Wiltshir 1-0 Paul Wright.  Paul Wright sacrificed a piece for an attack on board 5 but his opponent defended well and maintained the extra piece for a win. 

Board 6:  Keith Butler 1-0 Peter Crozet.  On board 6 Peter was a whole rook ahead when his opponent went for broke with a queen and knight attack and managed to double check Peter followed by mate or the loss of Peter's queen!  That's chess for you.  

The next match for the Brewood A team is against our closest geographical and also relegation rivals Bushbury B at home on Tuesday 24th February 2015.  The team will be hoping for a better result.  At least in theory it will be a lot easier. 

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