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Cannock Chess League - Brewood 1-3 Sutton Coldfield

Posted on December 4, 2014 at 12:25 AM

On Tuesday 21st October 2014 Brewood hosted Sutton Coldfield in the Cannock Chess League 2014-2015 division 3 season, the third match of the Cannock Chess League season.  Here is the matchcard: 

Board 1:  Roger Grainger (131) 0-1 Nigel Byrne (149)

Board 2:  David Blower (109) 0-1 Marek Biernacki (112)

Board 3:  Andrew Davies (109) 0-1 Robert Marks (UG)

Board 4:  Peter Crozet (106) 1-0 Des J Green (50)

Total:   Brewood 1-3 Sutton Coldfield

Match Report

Brewood's wretched 2014 in the Cannock League came to an all too predictable end against Sutton Coldfield at St. Mary's.  The captain Mark Binfield had fallen on his own sword mainly as a result of inept planning meaning he was double booked with a work commitment!  The new look team however fared the same as those who had gone before and slipped to a 3-1 defeat. 

Board 1:  Roger Grainger 0-1 Nigel Byrne.  Roger Grainger managed to get undone by a skewer on queen and rook from his opponents bishop losing the exchange.  He then did not see a discovered check from his opponent who moved his own rook to attack Roger’s queen.  This revealed a check and Roger resigned as he was about to lose his queen. 

Roger Grainger emailed this reaction afterwards:  "As you know, I lost in [the] Cannock [Chess] League...badly in the end.  However, it was my first loss for the club in a league game since March 2012 (fourteen league games). 

As I came third in the Top 40 Players last year in the WDCL [Wolverhampton & District Chess League] ratings, it ends a good period for me and my only other graded losses in that period have been to Derek [Laight] and Mark [Keady] in the club championships.  Somehow, I don't think I will repeat this success again. 

My loss was with black against e4 with my usual centre counter defence but playing 3...Qd6 variation instead of the more popular 3...Qa5 variation. 

Board 2:  David Blower 0-1 Marek Biernacki.   On my own game I was winning and went up an exchange.  After I had castled I did not move the kingside rook, meaning I managed to get the king trapped and lost to a combination of a queen, rook and bishop attack meaning my opponent won the exchange back and then pinned my queen thereby winning it. 

David Blower reaction afterwards:  "My opponent played well after he had gone down in material. Even though I was up in material my opponent kept up the pressure on me." 

Board 3:  Andrew Davies 0-1 Robert Marks.  The famous chess phrase:  "pin and win" was in evidence here as a deadly attack from Robert meant that Andrew had a pinned rook attacked by his opponent's bishop.  Robert said afterwards that he had being hoping for that for a while in the game.  

Board 4:  Peter Crozet 1-0 Des Green.  Peter Crozet at least on board 4 had the type of knight fork you spend hours (maybe days, weeks, years, decades or maybe even a lifetime) dreaming about.  A royal fork on king, queen and rook meant that Peter would win his opponent's queen in exchange for his own knight, meaning that his opponent resigned immediately. 

The team that Brewood played was strong as we had a total team grade of 455 with the limit in the Cannock Chess League division 3 of 460.  Despite the strong team played and the best efforts of everyone it was disappointing to end up with the result that we did. 

A rueful team captain Mark Binfield reflected afterwards on what has been a hugely disappointing campaign to date:  "The changes haven't worked and perhaps now we should look for stability.  Hopefully a new year will bring a reversal of fortune.  We will look forward and not back and concentrate our efforts for the remainder of the year in the other leagues." 

The next Cannock Chess League match for the team is away to Bushbury on Wednesday 7th January 2015.  Let's hope we can get the first win of the Cannock Chess League season in that match. 

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