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Brewood conquer Shropshire

Posted on December 3, 2014 at 8:15 PM

Well we conquered the first matchnight we attended anyway!! 

A competitive but also an enjoyable evening of chess was had by all of the team at Telepost Chess club on Monday 24th November 2014 as the Shropshire Chess Rapidplay League began for the Brewood team. 

The team of Mark Keady on board 1, David Blower on board 2, Mark Binfield on board 3 and Peter Crozet on board 4 managed to help the club secure a 100% record on the evening.  All of us managed to win 1 game, with three of us retaining a personal unbeaten record in the league. 

It helped that we managed to win the chess but such was the relaxed atmosphere of the occassion that I think it is fair to say that we would have enjoyed ourselves had we lost every match.  There was plenty of relaxed chatter in between all of the matches and we hope to run a successful event when we host the competition on Tuesday 3rd February 2015. 

The chess itself was serious and will count towards players ECF rapidplay grades. 

Team captain Mark Binfield had this reaction by email:  "Nice to get a result but the format also meant an enjoyable evening of chess.  A positive first event in the league and also easy and quick to get to. 

The aim is to give as many [players] as possible a go this season, so make sure to let me know if you wish to play a match." 

The first match was against Shrewsbury B. 

Board 1:  Mark Keady (UG) 1-0 Ian G Davies (145)

Board 2:  David Blower (UG) ½-½ Ivor Salter (103)

Board 3:  Mark Binfield (UG) ½-½ Norman P O'Conner (101)

Board 4:  Peter Crozet (UG) 1-0 Anthony Purser (UG)

Mark Keady on board 1 had a quick win.  My game on board 2 was an even game all the way through and with a locked up pawn structure a draw was agreed.  Peter Crozet on board 4:  "I went a pawn up and I knew what to do.  I continued to trade pieces before sacrificing pawns to create a passed pawn.  My opponent tried a stalemate trick but I am wise enough for that one." 

Oswestry A defaulted the next match and so Brewood claimed a default win 4-0.  It was probably the only downside to the evening but the last match certainly had its fair share of drama. 

The last match of the evening was against Telepost B.  It went down to the final few minutes. 

Board 1:  Mark Keady (UG) 0-1 Kate Walker (UG)

Board 2:  David Blower (UG) 1-0 Quentin Mills (UG)

Board 3:  Mark Binfield (UG) 1-0 Nick D Holmes (UG)

Board 4:  Peter Crozet (UG) ½-½ Shane Sweeney (UG)

As I was so involved in my own game match reports from boards 1, 3 and 4 are unavailable and my own match on board 2 was a game full of blunders basically the type of game that possibly makes rapidplay exciting. 

I was black and the opening was the Queen's Gambit Declined.  I was playing book moves and was so focused on playing book moves that I was playing like a robot trying to make moves as quickly as possible.  For some reason it always happens but it was only after I let go of the rook that I noticed that I had played the wrong rook move and had therefore blundered my bishop. 

A piece up my opponent then tried a mating attack and he had a combination of queen, knight and bishop to try and make it happen.  A strong defence was needed and I produced one despite being a piece down as a pawn move led to a discovered queen defence for myself and I was forced to move my other bishop back from being developed to its own starting square to stop the threat. 

My own king was the last line of defence.  Several moves back I had attacked his bishop with my own rook which was completely on the other side of the board to the checkmate attack that was happening.  When the attack ran out I had a free bishop to claim back the one I lost earlier. 

My opponent then tried a pawn push to attack my knight which meant I could then place the knight to where the pawn had just been defending to create a knight fork of queen and rook.  I went up the exchange and then played a rook move as the rook was defended by a pawn to play a skewer forcing my opponent to move his queen so that I could win his bishop.  I was now a piece up. 

It looked comfortable but with almost no time to think my opponent had a few passed pawns at this stage and a dangerous knight.  I decided to sac the exchange of my rook for his knight which will forever remain a mystery of if I was playing the correct technical chess.  Probably not. 

A possible queen sac could have then followed but I did not have enough time to calculate the exact order of moves so decided against it.  Instead I simply forced off the queens in an exchange and then got my rook to the 7th rank to win some pawns.  A final pawn push from my opponent allowed me to play a skewer with my rook, checking the king to win the rook behind it. 

Somewhere in the middle of the match was the reality of the match all being down to me as a random person watching the match whispered (but I had overheard it)  "It is one and a half one and a half.  It is all down to this match."  I was aware of the situation as a large crowd had suddenly gathered round my table to watch a game of chess that I was playing in. 

The winning emotion I had was one mainly of relief as I had never played a match as well as that to recover to win a match from being a piece down so early on in the game (at least in ECF graded matches anyway.)  Mark Keady reaction:  "You can relax now David, you've won." 

One final point the refreshments that we will have when we host our own match night was discussed as well as some of the organisation that will be needed.  It is good that we went to an away match first to have a taster of what the evening is all about and of what we will need to do when we host our own match night. 

So we all headed home to basically tell other members of our club how good it is.  If you want to play it will not alter your ECF STANDARD play grade.  Members who want to play in the league should make team captain Mark Binfield aware that they want to play in the league.  He already has a nice selection problem ahead of the next match night. 

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