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Rock/Bidgood Cups

Posted on August 31, 2014 at 6:50 PM

The new chess season has already started and the Wolverhampton Chess League individual competitions the rock cup and the bidgood trophy are open for all club members of Brewood to enter.  

The history of the Rock Cup goes back to the 1949-50 chess season and you can see details of how the tournament started and the previous winners of the tournament here:  

The history of the Bidgood Trophy goes back to the 1962-63 chess season and you can see details of how the tournament started and the previous winners of the tournament here:  

Brewood's history in the Bidgood Trophy has seen a few successes over the years.  A. Tipton was runner up in 1983-84, and then David Buckley was runner up in 1990-91.  Roger Grainger was a joint winner of the trophy in 1991-92 and then David Buckley won the Bidgood Trophy outright in 1992-93.  His copy of the trophy that he keeps forever is in the trophy cupboard at the club!  

Tony Colabella was then runner up in 1993-94 and then Bryan Hall was runner up in 1994-95.  The most recent finalist from the club was Peter Allen in 1998-99 so it means that the club have gone 15 years without a finalist.  (It should be noted some players mentioned were playing for other clubs at the time they became finalists!)  

Last season 18 players entered and they comprised of 6 players from Wolverhampton, 4 from Rugeley, 2 from Walsall Kipping, 2 from Halesowen, 1 from St. Georges, 1 from Lichfield, 1 from Boldmere St. Michaels, and 1 from Mercia.  9 clubs including Brewood did not enter a single player in the competitions last season.

There were 17 chess clubs in the Wolverhampton Chess League last season and disappointment was expressed at the Wolverhampton Chess League 2014 AGM that over half of the entries in these competitions came from 2 clubs.  Amongst other ideas of how to increase the participiation in these tournaments was to increase awareness of the competitions via club websites and emails.  

This article will explain how to enter the competitions and what you might be able to expect if you do enter.  It should be noted this is for information only and you do not have to enter these competitions it is up to you.  Nevertheless it can be a good way to get some extra games played during the season and all of the games in both competitions are ECF graded.  

What to expect

The rock cup is a knock-out tournament for the individual championship open to all registered members of clubs in the Wolverhampton & District Chess League.  Everyone from Brewood, will play at least 2 matches as the 1st round losers of the Rock Cup are automatically entered for the Bidgood Trophy, provided you do not default your 1st round match in the Rock Cup.  

Winners will hold the Cups for one year and both winners and runners-up will receive trophies to keep.  The full tournament rules for both the Rock Cup and the Bidgood Trophy can be found at the following website link:  

The results will be published on the Wolverhampton & District Chess League website.  

This is a list of players who entered last season, alongside their club, and the grade from the time they entered (which maybe different to a players current grade.)  Players who won their first round match are in bold font, and the players that lost their first round match are in italics meaning they then entered the Bidgood trophy.  The letter J besides a players grade indicates that the player is a junior player.  

Round 1 of the Rock Cup is seeded and the list is split into two parts of seeded players and then unseeded players.  


David Amour Rugeley 172

David R Wightman Wolverhampton 165

Lee E Collier St. Georges 154

Mike J Groombridge Walsall Kipping 154

Malcolm J Phipps Boldmere St. Michaels 140

Catherine Hiley Rugeley 139

Michael WA Hoare Lichfield 129

Peter S Banks Halesowen 129

Anthony R Meakin Rugeley 121


Peter A Griffith Wolverhampton Ungraded

Gordon G Sands Wolverhampton 120

Steven P Heath Rugeley 117

Geoffrey C Rosser Wolverhampton 115

Phil Burgess Walsall Kipping 114

Peter Hubbard Mercia 110

Lewis Clarke Wolverhampton 105J

A (Tony) Taylor Halesowen 93

Peter Tudor Wolverhampton 32

Last season in the Rock Cup final David R Wightman from Wolverhampton Chess club beat Peter S Banks from Halesowen.  In the Bidgood Trophy Malcolm J Phipps from Boldmere St. Michaels beat Peter Hubbard from Mercia in the final.  It should be noted that even though the Bidgood Trophy is for the 1st round losers of the Rock Cup itis still a good trophy to win in its own right,  

Some members of our club may be surprised thinking:  "I have beaten some of these players in the past!"  Well following next is details of how you can enter these competitions.  

How to enter

The entry fee is £3 per player and cash, cheque or postal orders are accepted as methods of payment.  Cheques and postal orders need to be made out to the:  Wolverhampton & District Chess League.  

Entering via the club

You can enter via the club itself in which case all you need to do is express an interest that you want to enter the competitions and pay the entry fee via one of the above methods.  The club will then do the rest of the work for you.  

If you choose this method although Tuesday 30th September 2014 is stated as the deadline on the Wolverhampton & District Chess League website, the club will need time to process your entry into the competitions.  Therefore entry via the club needs to be done by the club night of Tuesday 23rd September 2014.  This is the easiest way to enter this competition if you want to enter it.  

Entering individually

Although the club will not process any entries after Tuesday 23rd September 2014 should you miss this deadline you still have until Tuesday 30th September 2014 to enter individually if you miss the club's deadline.  

An individual entry form can be got from the following Wolverhampton & District Chess League website link: (which opens up into a Microsoft Word document)  

Frank Wood from Wolverhampton Chess club is the Wolverhampton & District Chess League Tournaments Secretary.  The entry form can be completed and then returned to him in one of the following two ways:  

Email Address:  [email protected]  

Postal Address:  

Frank Wood

Wolverhampton & District Chess League Tournament Secretary,

51 Sytch Lane,



WV5 0LB.  

Should you use email you will still need to get the entry fee to him of course (as you will by post!.)  The entry is not complete until the entry fee has been paid.  

Should you have difficulties with the individual entry form Frank Wood will accept entries in any format as long as he has the following details from you:  

Full Name

Postal Address including postcode

Email Address (if available)

Telephone Number

Name of Club

Current ECF grade

The closing date for entries is Tuesday 30th September 2014.  

Message from Frank Wood

We all enjoy team competitions of course but individual competitions can bring a new dimension to our game.  

Best wishes for the coming season.  Enjoy your chess!  

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