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Brewood glorious Brewood - Mercia 0-4 Brewood

Posted on July 3, 2014 at 10:20 PM

Here is the matchcard and match report of the Wolverhampton Chess Summer League 2014 division 3 match played between Mercia and Brewood on Tuesday 1st July 2014 at Mercia Chess Club.  

Board 1:  Chris M Cox (Ungraded) 0-1 Peter Crozet 108

Board 2:  Christopher Bateson (Ungraded) 0-1 Mark Binfield (107)

Board 3:  Chris Heathcock (92) 0-1 Andrew Davies (96)

Board 4:   Peter Hubbard (102) 0-1 Daniel Binfield (64)

Some notes about the matchcard:  

Grades published are January 2014 grades according to the ECF grading database.  It should be noted that the grades used for this match for ECF grading purposes will likely be the as yet unpublished July 2014 grades.  

The team lineups are according to the Wolverhampton Chess Summer League 2014 website which is part of the Wolverhampton Chess Club website.  

The match report:

Brewood completed their first whitewash victory (excluding default wins) in almost 2 years as they faced Mercia and are now top of the Summer League with only 2 matches left.  The last whitewash victory was also against Mercia in November 2012.  

When I received the email on Tuesday night saying we had won 4-0 I jumped out of my chair in delight.  David Blower reaction by email to Mark Binfield whilst referring to the win:  "That is the best part about being team captain."  

Mark Binfield reaction:  "Dan's opponent was 102 so a good result for him."  

Further reaction followed to refer to the strength of team that Mercia had put out from David Blower:  

David Blower: "The fact that they put out a 102 on board 4 shows how impressive Dan's victory was and the overall result of 4-0."  A slightly less serious question followed!  

David Blower:  (to Mark Binfield via email)  "Hopefully Mercia provided you as captain with some stilts for you to walk out 10 foot tall, as well as feeling 10 foot tall!"  I assume Mark had a smile at that question although he did not respond but the captain feeling pleased after a win certainly applies to myself so I know what Mark must have been feeling like as he walked out against Mercia.  

David Blower emailed the whole club:  "I am sure you will agree this is an excellent result."  

Whilst emailing players to confirm teams for upcoming matches Mark Binfield had this further reaction:  "Congratulations to the team that achieved a 4-0 win at Mercia this week."  

So where does this leave us?  The top 5 clubs are now all within a point of each other.  Exciting isn't it!  Deput captain Mark Binfield is on the verge of claiming silverware only a couple of months into the job.  It is easy for some such as him and Stephen Micklewright (who as well as winning the Dudley League in his debut season as captain, he may be the only ever unbeaten captain in Brewood's history.)  

This is the first match we have won in this league on the board so one may wonder how on earth are we in such a good position.  The answer is based on Stafford who defaulted against us and gave us a 4-0 default victory.  Out of 4 matches for Stafford they have defaulted 3 of them but did draw against Bushbury leaving Bushbury 2 points worst off compared to the rest of the league.  

Everyone else has slipped up against each other, and with two 4-0 wins (one defaulted and this one,) our game points for a tiebreaker is excellent.  The next and also the final two league games are against 2 of the other league title contenders, Wolverhampton away on Thursday 10th July 2014 and Halesowen at home on Tuesday 15th July 2014.  

Wolverhampton are 2nd in the league level on match points, but behind us on gamepoints, albeit that they have a game in hand against us.  Wins in both of the remaining matches will be probably required to win us the league but all of that is to come.  This in itself was a very good victory for the club so well done to all the players involved.  

The fact that we won 4-0 is rare, as said at the top of the match report.  The full board match reports will follow as soon as I have emails or an edit of this blog from the players involved.  As discussed at the AGM the website is rightly biased towards Brewood so I will give this 4-0 whitewash victory as much attention as possible especially as this is the first one since the website was launched.  

Board 1:  Chris Cox 0-1 Peter Crozet.  A match report for this match is unavailable.  

Board 2:  Christopher Bateson 0-1 Mark Binfield.  A match report for this match is unavailable.  

Board 3:  Chris Heathcock 0-1 Andrew Davies.  A match report for this match is unavailable.  

Board 4:  Peter Hubbard 0-1 Daniel Binfield.  A match report for this match is unavailable.  

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