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2013 Summer League - Brewood 2.5 - 1.5 Bushbury

Posted on March 17, 2014 at 5:15 PM

On Tuesday 25th June 2013, Brewood continued their Wolverhampton Chess Summer League 2013 Division 3 North season at home against Bushbury.  First of all here is the matchcard: 


Board 1:  Mike Jarocki 118 0-1 Adrian R Lissamore (115)

Board 2:  Stephen Micklewright (110) 1-0 Robert Brodie (112)

Board 3:  Andrew Davies (103) 1-0 David Buckley (101)

Board 4:  David Blower (96) ½ - ½ Simon A Jones (104)


NB David Buckley was playing against us, for Bushbury. 


Coming into this match Bushbury already had 3 wins, and a draw from their first 4 matches.  Brewood had played 3 matches, and had won 1 match, losing the other 2. 


The league table at this stage of the season therefore looked like this: 


Bushbury 10 points from 4 games

Brewood 3 points from 3 games


Brewood were 7 points behind the leaders Bushbury, but had a game in hand, and still had this match to play against them.  It was a match we needed to win, otherwise a draw or a loss would have given Bushbury the title, there and then, at our club.  From the chess point of view, this was the highlight of the Summer League season. 


The board match reports for boards 1, 2, and 3 are currently unavailable. 


Board 4:  David Blower ½ - ½ Simon Jones.  The chess opening in this game was:  C47:  Four Knights Game:  Scotch Variation, Accepted.  Soon a series of exchanges followed, with both of us trying to work out, exactly in what move order the series of exchanges should happen in.  Hopefully this makes sense, but the exchanges were taking place for each of us, in a different area of the chess board. 


The exchanges meant I had gone a pawn up.  But Simon Jones is a good player, and I was not able to convert this advantage into a victory.  In order to try and hold onto this advantage, I had moved a rook out of position.  Simon then doubled up his rooks, to win back a different pawn.   After an exchange of rooks, Simon then played a check with his rook, forking my king and another isolated pawn. 


So from 1 pawn down, Simon had gone 1 pawn up.  But in doing so, he also put his rook out of position.  It left us with a rook each but with both of them out of position, and Simon with 4 pawns, and myself with 3 pawns.  With nothing to stop my king, I used it in a king walk at the end of the game.  I was about to win back the pawn. 


Simon offered me a draw, and with the fact that Simon had an outside passed pawn, it was accepted.  Play could have continued and I analysied it on the computer afterwards which showed me as having an advantage of about 0.1 of a pawn!  But it would be difficult to play out over the board, towards what would be looking likely for a dead draw of rook v rook. 


Overall then a good result for the team.  The feeling at the time was that at least we had won against Bushbury to make them have to win their last match, to win the league.  It turned out though that with them winning their final match of the Summer League season with a 4-0 default win against Cannock, there was nothing that Brewood could have done, to prevent Bushbury from winning the league. 


At least they did not win it against us though, at our club. 


The website will be updated with the other board match reports should they become available. 

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