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2013 Summer League - Brewood 1.5 - 2.5 Stafford

Posted on March 17, 2014 at 11:15 AM

On Tuesday 11th June 2013, Brewood continued their Wolverhampton Chess Summer League 2013 Division 3 North season with a home match against Stafford.  It was a disappointing defeat for Brewood, with defeats on board 2 for Andrew Davies, and on board 3 for Paul Wright, as a win on bottom board for David Blower, and a draw on top board for Stephen Micklewright was not enough. 


Detailed board match reports for boards 1, 2, and 3 are not available, but here is the matchcard: 


Board 1:  Stephen Micklewright (110) ½ - ½ Peter J Windows (122)

Board 2:  Andrew Davies (103) 0-1 Peter FK Evans (109)

Board 3:  Paul Wright (101) 0-1 Stuart IE Green (80)

Board 4:  David Blower (96) 1-0 Abigail J Sergeant 18


Board 4:  David Blower 1-0 Abigail Sergeant.  The opening in this game was:  C42:  Russian Game:  Three Knights Game.  At first normal opening development moves were made with control of the d5 square by myself, with a pawn on e4, a knight on c3, and a bishop on b3.  Abigail had a pawn on c6, and a pinned knight to the queen on f6, controlling d5.  On move 10 she played d5. 


With the control I had over d5, it signaled for myself to start the exchanges, knowing for certain that I would win them.  By move 15 I had gained 2 pawns, with a knight on e5, and the bishop still on b3, now controlling the always week f7 square.  I also had a rook on an open e file.  After 17 Nxf7, which gained another pawn, it was certain Abigail would lose the exchange of her rook for my knight. 


Trying to avoid this she played 17... Qd7, but this was worst.  This allowed 18 Qe5+, a discovered check from the bishop, whilst attacking the queen with my knight.  Eventually I gained her queen and rook, in exchange for my bishop and knight.  With the material advantage I then used my queen to gain the other rook.  The end came 3 moves later, a simple enough checkmate with my queen and rook. 


The other board match reports will be added if they become available.

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