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2013 review part 3 - Brewood finish runners up in Summer League 2013

Posted on March 16, 2014 at 8:35 PM

Overall summary


There is nothing quite like a completely up-to-date website is there!  It is taking a while but we are now slowly getting there.  The danger is that someone will create the spoof twitter account @brewoodchessdelayed and that it might be more up-to-date than the real one @brewoodchess


For completeness reasons here is a summary of the Wolverhampton Chess Summer League 2013 Division 3 North campaign.  For club members who do not know, (as if you could not have guessed,) we did not win the league, but did finish runners up.  Bushbury eventually won the league.  I suspect the lack of two trophies in our club for the entire year was also a bit of a clue as to what happened. 


Although it is now over 8 months since the last of the Summer League 2013 matches was completed, it is worth looking back at the Summer League campaign.  Despite missing out on the league title, it was quite a successful campaign, with the club only missing out in the final match of the season.  The club won 4 games out of 6, finishing with 12 points in the league, and 13½ board points. 


Stephen Micklewright and Andrew Davies played in all of the 6 matches.  David Blower played in all of the home matches, and the rest of the team selections in the rest of the matches were shared out between John Fenby, Anthony Colabella, Paul Wright, Mike Jarocki and Peter Crozet. 


Therefore overall 8 players took part in the league campaign in the summer league.  Andrew Davies won the most board points, scoring 3½, and 7 out of the 8 players won at least half a board point.  Out of the 24 board matches, 10 were won by the club, 7 of the board matches were drawn, and 7 were lost.  A record of 10-7-7 is not too bad. 


Individual match reports will now be added to the website, which will include the matchcards.  However the detailed board match reports are unlikely to be available simply because of how long it has been since the matches have been completed.  The only ones that are guaranteed to be available are my own matches, and the matches against Cannock at home on Tuesday 2nd July 2013. 


We did all we could to try and win the league in the 2nd half of the summer league season, with 3 wins in a row.  However Bushbury's final match was conceeded by Cannock for a 4-0 default win for Bushbury, meaning they won the league in the final round of games, with Brewood not being able to do a thing about it. 


Highlights included the home win over Bushbury, and using live boards at the club against Cannock, in what was an historic first game for the club.  However more details about that will be included in the individual game reports, when they are added. 


The main rules of the league


Teams were awarded 3 points for a win, 1 for a draw, and 0 for a loss.  League teams tied at the end of the season would be separated using game points won, although this tie break method was not needed in 2013. 


Matches are decided over 4 boards.  The league was an individually graded restricted league with a maximum grade of 120, so it meant the matches were competitive for the club.  The time control for the league was the first 30 moves in 65 minutes, and then both players receive an additional 15 minutes, with the game having to be completed in the time remaining. 


There were 4 teams in the Wolverhampton Chess Summer League 2013 Division 3 North, including Brewood.  Each team played each other team in the league twice, once home and once away, for a total of 6 fixtures. 


The results


Wednesday 15th May 2013:  Cannock 1½ - 2½ Brewood.  The match report for this match is here:  


Wednesday 5th June 2013:  Bushbury 3-1 Brewood.  The report for this match is here: 


Tuesday 11th June 2013:  Brewood 1½ - 2½ Stafford.  The match report for this match is here:


Tuesday 25th June 2013:  Brewood 2½ - 1½ Bushbury.  The match report for this match is here: 


Tuesday 2nd July 2013:  Brewood 3½ - ½ Cannock.  This was an historic first game for the club as liveboards were used in this match.  The match report for this match is here: 


Wednesday 10th July 2013:  Stafford 1½ - 2½ Brewood.  The match report for this match is here: 


Final League table


Bushbury 13 points

Brewood 12 points

Cannock 6 points

Stafford 4 points


A full league table with the stats of how many board points each team got and conceeded, and the amount of games won, drew and lost can be viewed as part of the:  "2012-13 Results and Fixtures" page of this website, which has now eventually being brought up-to-date.  The link is available above, or here:

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