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January 2014 grades

Posted on February 7, 2014 at 11:40 PM

The January 2014 grades were published on Monday 27th January by the English Chess Federation (ECF.)  Grades are published by the ECF every 6 months.  The January 2014 grades include the games played by each member up to 31st December 2013. 


Please note that for anyone who took part in the Shropshire Chess Congress 2014 some information about grading needs to be corrected.  The Shropshire Chess Congress 2014 results have already appeared on the ECF grading database website, but they are NOT included in the current grading list, and will only count towards grading for the July 2014 grading list. 


A full detailed explaination of the process is provided on the ECF grading database website for those interested. and then click on help.  It is important to note though that if you have played a game against an ungraded player the ECF estimate a starting grade for your opponent, but that this starting grade is not public knowledge. 


Onto the grades themselves then and all 17 members of the club have received a grade.  The grades are all listed below with the July 2013 grades in brackets besides each members name.  The grading categorys in both grading lists and the difference between the grades for members graded in both grading lists is also displayed. 


Derek Laight 169A (158A) +11

Mark Keady 132D (Ungraded)

Roger Grainger 126C (127D) -1

John Fenby 124A (127A) -3

Mike Jarocki 119B (118B) +1


Stephen Micklewright 115B (110B) +5

Anthony Colabella 111C (113C) -2

Andrew Lenz 111E (Ungraded)

Stephen Bird 109C (102C) +7


Paul Guest 109C (109C) 0

Peter Crozet 108C (106C) +2

Paul Wright 108D (101D) +7

Mark Binfield 107D (111E) -4


David Blower 101B (96B) +5

Andrew Davies 96B (103C) -7

David Buckley 88A (101A) -13

Daniel Binfield 64D (64E) 0


To look up the list of Brewood players on the ECF grading database website searching for Brewood will get the same list as above.  However clicking on a players reference number allows you to see more detail about a player such as their histroric grades, and details of individual match results for a player. 


Congratulations from the club to Derek Laight, Mark Keady, Paul Wright, David Blower and Daniel Binfield who got their best ever chess grades in the January 2014 ECF grading list.  The biggest improvers from the July 2013 grade are in order Derek Laight, Stephen Bird, Paul Wright, Stephen Mickelwright and David Blower. 


Mark Keady and Andrew Lenz were both ungraded in the July 2013 grading list, but both had previous grades in the grading system.  Mark Keady last had a standard grade in 1998, whilst Andrew Lenz who has been a member of the club since 2008, had a grade as recently as the January 2013 grading list. 


Derek Laight is the highest graded player in the club so it is particulally impressive that he has also had the biggest improvement to his grade.  He is now 33 points ahead of his nearest challenger.  Mark Keady is now the 2nd highest graded player at the club so looks likely to be in the clubs A team next season. 


Lower down through the list lots of players have their grading close together.  No grading system can be perfect but in general most of the players at the club have competitive and close matches against each other so the grading system probably accurately reflects that.  7 members of the club are within 4 grading points of each other.  The average grade at the club is 112, and the median grade is 109.  


Hopefully your grade has gone up, but having written this article about the grades, it is also important to note that the chess grade is not the be all and end all.  It can be very easy to get over obsessed with grades, but the most important thing is that everyone at the club enjoys playing chess which can be very easy to forget sometimes.  


That said the webmaster did smile when he found out he was over 100 for the first time ever!  :D 

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