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Brewood win against Stourbridge - Brewood 2.5 Stourbridge 1.5

Posted on October 8, 2013 at 8:35 PM

Board 1: Paul Guest (109) ½-½ Steve Alcock (109)

Board 2: Andrew Davies (103) 0-1 Colin Woodall (109)

Board 3: David Blower (96) 1-0 Daniel Arkell (66)

Board 4: Daniel Binfield (64) 1-0 Charlie Arkell (53)


Total:  Brewood 2½-1½ Stourbridge


Board 1:  This was the last to finish and Paul Guest was aware of it, as the whole room was watching him.  It would also decide the match as Brewood were already 2-1 up.  A very slow game had 2 minor pieces and a pawn exchanged as both of them took almost all their time to make their 30 moves within the initial time limit, both of them had less than 5 minutes remaining!  Afterwards no player was able to achieve any sort of break through, and with no passed pawns a draw was agreed, and it looked a fair enough conclusion to make. 


Board 2:  Andrew had some very passive pieces and Colin took full advantage, doubling up rooks in the game.  Already a piece up in material, Colin then used his knight to achieve a knight fork, backed up with a rook on an open file.  With Andrew about to go 2 pieces down because of this, he resigned.


Board 3:  A three knights opening meant that Daniel had a slight advantage in the opening.  During the middle of the game David managed to get a few pawns up in material and then was able to exchange pieces, whilst keeping his material advantage in pawns.  Eventually David had an advantage of 4 pawns against 1 and it allowed him to get the victory, as he got a queen from one of his pawns, but the whole game was by no means easy. 


Board 4:  Battle of the juniors on board 4, and the scoreline does not tell the whole story.  Daniel Binfield was down by 2 pieces and has played better than this.  Daniel had played some moves more in hope of a mating attack than expecting one, but his young opponent blundered allowing a mate in one, despite a huge material advantage. 


Whilst from Brewoods point of view it was nice to see our junior get his first graded win of the season, I felt sorry for Charlie.  Daniel has played well in other matches this season and lost so will be grateful for the victory, whilst knowing he can play better.  Daniel is capable of winning any match he plays in this league, so this win will do him some good, despite how it came about. 


Overall it was nice to see 3 children playing in the match and none of them should be underestimated.  Its easy to see why Stourbridge have picked both of the Arkell children in their Dudley League team.  If Charlie continues to play as well as she did against Daniel, she will win some matches this season. 


From Brewoods point of view it means the defending champions of the Dudley Chess League Division 3 can put the defeat against Walsall Kipping behind them, as they look to defend their trophy.  From the evidence of the two matches we have played so far, Brewood are not going to give up the trophy easily. 

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