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Outgraded but not outclassed - St. George's B 1.5 - 4.5 Brewood A

Posted on September 30, 2013 at 7:35 PM

On Monday 23rd September 2013, the Brewood A team travelled to St. George's chess club to play an away match against St. George's B in the first match of Brewood's Wolverhampton Chess League 2013-2014 division 2 season.  Here is the match card: 

Board 1:  Phil Maddocks (154) 0-1 Derek Laight 158

Board 2:  Mark E Tallis (141) 0-1 Roger Grainger (127)

Board 3:  Lennie Johnson (139) 0-1 John Fenby (127)

Board 4:  Derek A Stockhall (134) ½ - ½ Mike Jarocki 118

Board 5:  John Lunn (127) 1-0 Andrew Davies (103)

Board 6:  Ken Wise (124) 0-1 Stephen Bird (102)

Total:  St. George's B 1½ - 4½ Brewood A

Match Report

The Brewood A team made a very welcome and also a winning return to division 2 of the league after a two year absence, having acheived promotion last season from division 3, as the runners up in the league.  St. George's B also gained promotion from division 3 last season, finishing as champions of the league. 

This was Brewood's first game of the season, but not St. George's.  They had already lost against Lichfield, but did win against Bushbury.  As you can see from the match card above the Brewood team were outgraded on every board, apart from board 1, with some of the differences in grades on boards 2-6 very large. 

As well as the fact that St. George's have already beaten Bushbury, and that the Brewood team were heavily outgraded, this victory was even more impressive because there were two substitutes playing in this match, upgraded from the Brewood B team.  Congratulations to Stephen Bird for winning his match, after being upgraded to the Brewood A team. 

The importance of having strong back up players in the Brewood A team, from the Brewood B team, on the lower boards, can never be underestimated, and alongside Derek Laight on board 1 often getting a win, and Roger Grainger on board 2 often getting a draw, was an important factor in us gaining promotion from division 3 last season. 

To the matches themselves then and match reports for boards 1, 4, 5 and 6 are all not available, and the website will be edited later should they become available.  If anyone from either club wants to contribute a match report for these boards, they are welcome to do so. 

Match reports for boards 2 and 3 are available though.  It is usually the website's policy to report from the top board downwards, but on this occassion the website will skip board 2 and go straight to board 3, for reasons that will be explained later. 

John Fenby won on board 3.  John Fenby statement:  "My own game, albeit against a 139 graded player, was a bit mundane." 

Board 2 was a fine win for Roger Grainger, and the way he won is the reason why the match report has saved his game until last.  John Fenby was highly praising of Roger Grainger.  John Fenby commented:  "If you want a game for the site, I suggest you approach Roger.  ...  Roger's deserves to be shared, particularly the closing phase."  

Very high praise indeed.  Every chess player knows that as chess is such a competitive game, that it would be easy to claim your own wins as magnificent, regardless of the nature of the victory.  To see another game being praised in this mannor is unusual though. 

So what did Roger Grainger himself make of his win?  Roger Grainger comments:  "It was a hairy game and I had only 4 minutes left at the end whereas my opponent had 20 minutes!  It was fortunate that the moves flowed easily for black.  Had I had more time I may not have played so precisely as I would have seen, perhaps, some better replies for white and scared myself!" 

Try as I might, I can not seem to intergrate chess games easily into the match reports, as part of this blog, which is something that I would wish to do.  However the ending has been added to the games page of the website.  The link to the games page is here:

Roger Grainger was black in the game.  The position after Roger Grainger's 30th move was recreated, which is the initial position shown on the games page.  Roger Grainger emailed me to explain his thought process, and his analysis of his own game, has been integrated amongst the moves on the game, on the games page.  No one has used any computer analysis to analyise the game. 

The following evening, during our normal weekly chess club gathering, it was all anyone was talking about, as they reacted to the game from the previous night.  Recreating the tension and the atmosphere of the game, could never quite be done in front of other people that were not there, however there were about six of us at the club who did have a go at doing that. 

During the evening, Roger Grainger himself, Derek Laight, John Fenby, Mike Jarocki, Andrew Davies and I had discussed the match.  Andrew and I played on from the position, as we thought it might have happened.  With no idea of what Roger's thought process was, there had been a totally different set of moves played compared to the moves that had happened in the actual game. 

Afterwards the position was recreated again, and then Andrew and I went through the actual moves played in the game.  Were there any alternative moves possible that were better for Roger than had actually being played?  We came up with the conclusion that there was. 

Mike Jarocki had come round the board, and we doubled checked with him.  Mike, Andrew and I were round the board seeing that Roger had missed a mate in two!  Earlier on John Fenby and Derek Laight had been involved in analysing the match alongside Roger Grainger.  It had took up a fair portion of the night, but it probably was better than just playing a friendly match. 

So a great start for the season for the Brewood A team and hopefully this will be one of the results we get that mean we end up staying in the division.  The club have games in hand so are 5th, but are one of only three clubs to have a 100% record in the league so far this season, albeit all three of those clubs have only played 1 game.  Lichfield B lead the division but have played 3 games. 

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