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How do you play this game? - Walsall Kipping B 4.5 Brewood B 0.5

Posted on September 25, 2013 at 9:15 PM

Board 1: Steven R Colwell (137) 1-0 Paul Guest (109)

Board 2: Lukasz Marcin Walijewski (133) 1-0 Andrew P Davies (103)

Board 3: Doreen Anderton (123) ½-½ Stephen A Bird (102)

Board 4: Peter Nixon (122) 1-0 David I Buckley (101)

Board 5: Phil Burgess (114) 1-0 David Blower (96)


In the opening match of the league season for the Brewood B team in Wolverhampton Chess League Division 3 Brewood B travelled away to Walsall Kipping B. Last season Brewood B survived relegation on board count difference after a final day of the season victory away to Halesowen B, coupled with Walsall Kipping B then losing away to Wolverhampton B.


It meant that Brewood B had finished 6th, and Walsall Kipping B had finished 7th and were therefore relegated. The reality was that Walsall Kipping C had won Division 4, and this canceled out Walsall Kipping's B team relegation.


The closeness of the league table positions between the clubs from last season was not in evidence here though, as Walsall Kipping's bottom board outgraded Brewood's top board, and the difference in grades on some of the boards was very large. The result went as expected, with Brewood suffering a heavy defeat, although at least we weren't whitewashed. We'll see if the half a board point is important come the end of the season.


The title of the match report shows the Brewood team did retain a sense of humour as they walked in towards the Walsall Kipping venue from the car park. A quote from Steve Bird pre match: "We've had all summer to forget about this game. How do you play this game?" The replies were equally as funny: "Who throws the ball?" "Who stands at 4th base again?" "I think you have to knock the skittles over!"


After finishing the games captain Paul Guest said he was proud of his team: "Well done team, at least we had a full team out and gave it our best shot, and if we are going to come all this way to lose, we might as well all lose." Of course this wasn't quite true as Steve Bird had drawn his match. Steve replied: "I'm afraid not, I've let the side down! I'm walking home." There was then various pointing towards the road, away from the car, to let him know which direction he should be heading in!


Anyway to the matches themselves, and this is where the match report takes a disappointing turn of events! Match reports for boards 1, 2, 3, and 4 are not available. They will be edited in if they become available. Clearly despite the brave faces the team were disappointed to have lost so heavily in the opening match and there wasn't any discussion of the chess matches we had just played on the way home.


It should be noted that if any players from Walsall Kipping want to comment on their own match, that they are welcome to do so.


Board 5 though is my own match. The opening was B06: Robatsch (Modern) Defense. After exchanging queens, and 3 minor pieces each it came down to two rooks, and bishop for myself, against two rooks and knight for Philip.


I had both my rooks doubled up on the e file, and powerful diagionals for my dark squared bishop to use. The king side pawns had been advanced up the board, but my queen side pawns had being weakened and isolated from the earlier exchanges of pieces. To counter this Philip had his rook attacking the isolated queen side pawns, and a much better pawn structure. Material was even, and the game was even.


The best way to get rid of doubled up rooks is probably to take one of them after using a knight fork on the king with check and the rook. And that is what Philip did! I had failed to spot this was possible for Philip to do, and he went an exchange up. Gutted! Philip still had to play accurately as the threat of the powerful Bishop was still there, but once the threat of doubled up rooks had gone, Philip used his advantage well, and gobbled up my pawns without my pieces to defend them.


Eventually he exchanged rooks, and then forked my King and Bishop with his other rook. Game over. Afterwards he was sporting enough to say I had him in trouble and that he had felt sorry for me. This was nice enough of him to say this, as it had being a close match. I believed him that he did feel sorry for me, afterall every player in the league has probably being in the same situation many times. Over 2 hours of chess and one bad move had decided it.


I agreed with his comments. I did have him in trouble during the game, but he defended against my threats very well. I congratulated him on his victory, it had being a game of chess more filled with tension than enjoyment for both of us, but it hadn't lessened the sportsmanship of the game.


For what its worth at this early stage of the season this victory for Walsall Kipping B puts them top. Brewood B play Stafford B away next, lets hope we can bounce back there.


Thanks to all the team that played, and incase you were wondering Steve Bird did come home in the car!

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