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Walsall Kipping away first up for the B team

Posted on June 30, 2013 at 10:35 PM

As well as the Wolverhampton Chess League 2013-2014 fixtures for the A team being decided in the fixtures meeting, the fixtures for the B team were also decided at the same meeting.  For the 3rd season in a row the B team are in division 3 of the Wolverhampton Chess League.  In division 3 there are 7 teams, and each team plays each other team twice, once home and once away, for a total of 12 fixtures, 6 at home and 6 away.  In alphabetical order these are the teams including Brewood in division 3 for next season: 

Brewood B

Halesowen B

Mercia B

Rushall B

Stafford B

Stourbridge B

Walsall Kipping B

As stated in the title of this update then, Walsall Kipping away is the first match for the B team.  The B team like the A team have a 2nd away match, this time against Stafford before starting their league campaign at home.  The first home match of the season is against Stourbridge who were relegated from last seasons division 2. 

A double header against Rushall B follows, the first match at home, the 2nd away.  Rushall were the other team relegated from division 2 of the league last season, although it may involve some of the players that had recently played for Rushall C last season against the Brewood B team.  The Brewood B v Rushall C match last season certainly had a memorable conclusion.  The Rushall away match is the last match before Christmas for the B team, at that stage the B team will have played 5 out of its 12 fixtures. 

Post Christmas the B team then has 3 home fixtures in a row against Walsall Kipping, Mercia and Stafford.  Mercia are the only team in that trio of fixtures that the B team didn't play last season, as they have just won promotion from division 4 of the league.  The first match against Halesowen away follows in February the scene where last season the B team produced the result of the season for them, a 3-2 away win which ultimately led to the B team staying up on board count. 

Stourbridge away follows in March, before the return match against Halesowen concludes the season at home.  The final match of the season is on April 1st away against Mercia, lets hope the team are not going to play like April Fools in that final match. 

Its worth noting that both the A team and the B team have only a combined total of 4 home matches before Christmas, leaving room for the Cannock and Dudley League teams to have home matches before Christmas.  Infact only a total of 4 match nights are used for home Wolverhampton Chess League fixtures (out of a possible 16.)  This is compared to 7 home fixtures after Christmas which includes 5 match nights ina row used for home fixtures at one point during the season. 

The full fixture list for the B team is stated below:  (Home matches are always on Tuesdays, away match nights are stated.  Home matches are in bold below.) 


19 Walsall Kipping B Away (Thursday)

25 Stafford B Away (Wednesday)


15 Stourbridge B Home


26 Rushall B Home


9 Rushall B Away (Monday)


14 Walsall Kipping B Home

21 Mercia B Home

28 Stafford B Home


11 Halesowen B Away (Tuesday)


3 Stourbridge B Away (Monday)

11 Halesowen B Home


1 Mercia B Away (Monday)

The B team will be looking to survive relegation for the 3rd season in a row.  It will be tough but the team is certainly capable of doing that. 


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