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Rematch with relegated Rushall

Posted on March 24, 2013 at 9:10 PM

"It could be possible at the end of the season that this point saved us from relegation!"  And it did.  The Brewood B team stayed up on board count.  This match preview for the Cannock Chess League Division 3 match against the Rushall B Cannock Chess League Division 3 team starts with the end of a match report from a previous match against Rushall this season. 

Brewoods main league is the Wolverhampton Chess League.  This season both of our A and B teams are in Wolverhampton Chess League Division 3, alongside the Rushall C chess team.  This will be the 6th time the various teams have faced each other this season. 

For the B team the away match for Brewood against Rushall took place at Rushall Olympic Football Club on 1st October 2012.  Brewood won 3-2.  It was a good victory and was one of the results that ensured the team stayed up.  The home match took place on 12th February 2013 at the Roman Catholic Church Hall in Brewood.  This also ensured us to stay up with a draw 2½-2½. 

The opening quote in this match preview, is the closing comment of the Brewood B v Rushall C match report from 12th February 2013.  The link to that match report is here:  

In the end Rushall ended up getting relegated.  It could have been all so different.  With the score poised at 2-2 the deciding match on board 1 involved David Buckley.  The game was won for Rushall, only it didn't end up that way due to the stalemate.  This meant the match was drawn, enabling the B team to get a win away against Halesowen and eventually stay up on board count. 

Whilst it is true that every win or draw, in a won or drawn match contributed to the team staying up, and even wins or draws in matches that were lost, as the team stayed up on board count, the stalemate for David Buckley was the match of the season that should have been lost by us, which turned out to be drawn.  As it was the deciding board in the match it made a huge difference to the final league table. 

The 2 matches for the A team also produced a win and a draw.  Away from home the A team turned up at Rushall Olympic Football Club for the match against Rushall Chess Club 3 weeks later on Monday October 22nd.  This ended up as a draw 2½-2½.  The return match at Brewood was played on Tuesday 22nd January which Brewood did win 3½-1½. 

In theory at least the Brewood A team should have done better against Rushall than the B team did, but it turned out to be a win and a draw each for both teams.  In the Cannock League the Rushall A team have already played Brewood this season in a home match for Brewood on Tuesday 15th January, winning 3-1.  Rushall managed to visit Brewood Chess Circle 3 times in 5 weeks during this period!  This time the Rushall B Cannock League team face Brewood at Rushalls new venue, The Bowman Inn. 

The title of this blog post contains the word rematch.  It is an appropriate chess term to use, and Rushall will be looking to make up for their draw against the Brewood B team, which should have been an easy win for them.  The 5 meetings between the 2 clubs this season have produced 2 Brewood wins, 2 draws, and a Rushall win. 

Brewood go into the game with no chance of winning the Cannock League.  Team news for Brewood is confirmed with John Fenby on board 1, Steve Mickelwright on board 2, David Blower on board 3, and Mark Binfield on board 4.  The pressure is off the team although it would be nice to win the match.  The club wishes the players well for it. 

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