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Brewood 0.5 - 3.5 Lichfield - the match report

Posted on March 3, 2013 at 6:45 PM

In the end David Short did not turn up to Brewood.  Maybe next time! 


It turned out to be a defeat for Brewood and the board reports follow below but first here is the matchcard: 


Board 1:  David Blower (95) 0-1 David W Fone (135)

Board 2:  Paul Wright (95) ½ - ½ John E Fryer 108

Board 3:  Mark Binfield (Ungraded) 0-1 Charles LC Brown (110)

Board 4:  Daniel Binfield (Ungraded) 0-1 Roy K Smith (82)


Board 1:  David Blower 0-1 David Fone.  David Fone opened up with Ruy Lopez.  It is an opening that David Blower has actually explored on the internet playing in thematic Ruy Lopez tournaments online.  It was the C70:  Ruy Lopez:  Morphy Defense, Caro Variation. 


Material was lost early on by David Blower.  On move 7 David Fone left his e4 pawn undefended, and David Blower took it with a knight.  A pawn up!  Splendid!  However it was not a good move, it was a trap.  David Fone then played a bishop fork on both knights, with no possible way of defending both of them.  After the game David Fone said it was a trap that he was shown over 25 years ago. 


The game continued with David Fone exchanging his knight for David Blower's rook.  This meant David Fone was a rook up, a very large material advantage.  But just as the game looked over David Fone blundered his knight.  An exchange of queens then followed. 


In the endgame David Fone had two rooks, and David Blower had a rook and a bishop.  David Fone used this advantage to get 2 passed pawns, one of which would have been queened, forcing David Blower to resign. 


Board 2:  Paul Wright ½ - ½ John Fryer.  Paul Wright drew, with an even endgame.  Having looked across from my own board as soon as I heard Paul's opponent offering him a draw, it was even in material with 1 rook and 6 pawns for each side, with no passed pawns.  It was the only sort of board point that Brewood got on the night. 


Board 3:  Mark Binfield lost.  A detailed match report is currently unavailable. 


Board 4:  Daniel Binfield with white opened up with the Italian Opening.  He made what seemed like normal knight and bishop development moves, but allowed a pawn fork on his bishop and knight whilst doing that.  It is something that I myself used to fall for, it is easy to do. 


With him about to get checkmated Daniel tried the David Buckley trick of trying to get a stalemate, sacrificing his rook and queen in the hope of achieving it.  It was not such a bad idea in principle, but there were probably too many pawns of his on the board to justify the loss of material.  Faced with the huge material loss Daniel then lost the game. 


A better strategy would probably have been keeping the queen in the hope of a draw by perpetual check, although this also would have been difficult.  It is probably worth noting that David Buckley did not get a stalemate against Rushall from any sort of skillful play that he did, but playing normally would have led to a loss anyway for Daniel, so it was worth trying. 


Daniel's reaction after the game:  "I think I played well but made a blunder that cost me the match.  It was a difficult middlegame and I wasn't always sure what to do.  It was a shame we lost." 


Indeed it was a shame we lost, but there is always next week.  At least David Blower can say he learned something from the match, which overall was difficult for the whole Brewood team, but thanks to all the team that played. 

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