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The Staffordshire Inter-County Chess Team

Posted on February 26, 2013 at 12:30 AM

It is also this websites intention to let club members know of upcoming events for the county team of Staffordshire, and particularly to let everyone know how players from Brewood Chess Circle have got on whilst representing the county. 


Brewood have a good record of supplying players for the county teams. Already this season John Fenby, Mike Jarocki, David Buckley, Peter Crozet, and Paul Guest, have represented Staffordshire from Brewood, and last season Andrew Davies from Brewood also played for Staffordshire.    With so many players from our team respresenting Staffordshire against other counties it makes sense for the website to report on news from county games when players from Brewood play in them. 


As Brewood Chess Circle is within the county of Staffordshire any member from Brewood can play for the Staffordshire County team, although grading limits as explained below do apply.  Similar to matches in the Wolverhampton League, Cannock League and Dudley League that Brewood play in, where individual players represent the club as part of a team, it also applies in county matches, where players from clubs all around the county play as a team. 


The difference is though that the county teams can be made up of players from several clubs all within Staffordshire.  Players and opponents familar to the club from Wolverhampton, Rugeley, Bushbury, Rushall, and Stafford to name a few, become your teammates rather than your opponents! Once the game has started though it becomes the same individual contest that chess has always being, the familiar problem of trying to checkmate your opponent, whilst they are trying to checkmate you! 


The league is run by the Midlands Counties Chess Union.  In alphabetical order the other counties that could play Staffordshire are:  Derbyshire, Greater Manchester, Herefordshire, Leicestershire & Rutland, Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire, Nottinghamshire, Shropshire, Warwickshire and Worcestershire.  


As said earlier grading limits apply, to hopefully ensure that players are playing matches against opponents who have roughly the same level of ability.  Staffordshire have 3 teams, the top team in an open competition in which any player can take part, an under 140 graded team, and an under 120 graded team.  Other counties also run teams in sections for under 180, under 160, and under 100 graded players. 


This season has already nearly finished.  However there are still a couple of opportunities for players from the club both old and new to county matches to represent Staffordshire.  First there is an under 140 game against Nottinghamshire on Saturday March 16th, and on the same day an under 120 game against Worcestershire.  Then on Saturday March 30th the under 140 Staffordshire team, have a match against Leicestershire.  The under 140 team have 16 boards, the under 120 team 12 boards. 

The location of matches in the Midlands Counties Chess Union take place dependant on whether the county boarders Staffordshire or not.  Matches involving a county that does boarder Staffordshire can take place either home or away (these are matches against Derbyshire, Leicestershire & Rutland, Shropshire, Warwickshire and Worcestershire.)  Popular home venues for Staffordshire are Leek and Bushbury.  Matches against teams not boardering Staffordshire take place in a neutral county so travelling can be reduced. 



To find out more here are a couple of useful links.  First the page written by Andrew Davies a member of Brewood Chess Circle on the Staffordshire Chess Association Website, and the other is the home page of the Midlands Counties Chess Union website.

With all this in mind it just remains for me to tell you how to contact the team captains should you wish to play for Staffordshire.  Denis Nesbitt from Stafford Chess Club is captain of the under 140 team, and Peter Evans also from Stafford Chess Club is captain of the under 120 team.  Their contact details are as follows:   


Under 140 team:  Denis Nesbitt (Stafford)

Tel:  07791 770 035


7 Denstone Ave,



ST17 4TL

Under 120 team:  Peter Evans (Stafford)

Tel:  01785 601 928


17 Winsford Crescent,



ST17 0PH

This website will follow up details of the matches especially if Brewood players are playing in them. 

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