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Brewood v Lichfield - Cannock League Division 3 - match preview

Posted on February 25, 2013 at 8:05 PM

I couldn't get the match preview done without some sort of mention about Lichfields cathedial.  Having once been to it, it is very nice, and you should try and visit it, if you have not done so.  However less well known is Lichfields chess club, but it is certainly one of the most successful in the region, and perhaps also in the country. 

David Short is one of the players in this club.  A match preview of a Lichfield chess match also was going to be impossible for me not to mention him.  His son Nigel Short will be well known to many people with an interest in chess in the United Kingdom.  Nigel challenged Garry Kasparov for the World Chess Championships in 1993, coverage of which was provided by channel 4. 

The chess interest in the United Kingdom rose considerably as a result of all this.  It affected Brewood Chess Circle in a positive way, the club got some new members and some of them stayed.  Looking at the club diary Peter Crozet and Derek Laight joined in 1994, and John Fenby in 1995 and of course all of them are still members now. 

Nigel Short doesn't actually turn up week to week at Lichfield Chess Club though!  His ECF Grading is 268.  At the point when you are over 200 graded, you can probably start entering international tournaments in chess, Nigel lives in Greece, still earning money from playing competitive chess.  David Short however does still play on a regular basis for Lichfield.  Lichfield are one of the biggest clubs in the region playing right in the city centre of Lichfield with around 50 members. 

Having been to Lichfield Chess Club myself to play an away match for Brewood it was quite an experience, very different to walking into our own chess club.  A long room, full of tables and chairs, all full of people playing chess, there must have been at least 20 other chess matches going on at the same time as the 5 matches between Lichfield and Brewood. 

One of the best things about chess is because it requires no physical ability to play the game, you are never too old or too young to start playing chess.  Lichfields Chess Club has a wide range of ages and ability, from primary school children starting to learn the game, to people in their 70s.  If you are reading this from Lichfield their club is always looking for new members, so you are welcome to join them. 

The club of Lichfield have different teams competing in the Wolverhampton, Cannock, Birmingham and Derby Chess Leagues, ensuring that their members of all skill and abilities get their opportunity to play chess with opponents with hopefully near enough the same level of skill, to ensure competitive chess matches.  In the Wolverhampton League they have their A team in Division 1, their B team in division 2, and their C team in division 4, missing out on playing Brewood in the Wolverhampton Chess League. 

They have 4 competitive teams in the Birmingham & District Chess League in divisions 1, 2, 4 and 6, in the Cannock League they have competitive teams in divisions 2 and 3 of the league, and in the Derby Chess League they have teams in divisions 2 and 3 of that league.  We could be here forever discussing how all their teams do in different leagues, but they are champions of the whole of the Wolverhampton Chess League at the moment, as they won division 1 last season. 

Their B team also won division 3 last season of the Wolverhampton Chess League to get promoted to division 2, playing a combination of Brewood teams 4 times as they did so, twice against the A team and twice against the B team.  They lost once, against our A team in a close match 3-2 at Brewood but won the return match against our A team 3½ - 1½, and won against the B team twice, 4-1 in Brewood and 5-0 in Lichfield.  In the Cannock League last season Brewood won against Lichfield. 

The final thing about Lichfields Chess Club that I also must mention is the chess clubs website.  It really is an excellent website, so why not give it a visit.  Some ideas from the website I am not ashamed to say I took to help me create this website!  The main one being about the history of our club, complete with our own honours section.  Needless to say though it doesn't compare with the honours of Lichfield Chess Club!  The link for Lichfields Chess Club website is:

Regarding Brewood then and so far this season in the Cannock League the team have played 4 matches winning the first one against Boldmere, but then losing against Bushbury, Rugeley, and Rushall A. 

Team news for Brewood is likely to be David Blower on board 1, Paul Wright on board 2, Mark Binfield on Board 3, and Danny Binfield on board 4.  Anyone reading from Lichfield now has access to our top secret information!  All of the players from Brewood are capable of winning their matches, although Mark Binfield has the best record of all of us in the Cannock League with a record of played 3, won 2 lost 1. 

David and Danny have had less success in the Cannock League, David with a 100% record of losses of played 3 and lost 3, and Danny having a record of played 3, drawn 1, and lost 2.  But both of us are unbeaten in the Dudley League, David with a record of played 4, won 3, drawn 1, and Danny with a 100% record in the Dudley League of played 2 and won 2.  Paul Wright has managed to lose his only match in the Cannock League, but does have 2 draws to his name in the Wolverhampton League, and had a good start to our internal club championship, with a win and a draw from his first 2 matches.   

Whilst it will be good if David Short turns up at Brewood, once the game starts all of that will be forgotten because as already mentioned all 4 players from Brewood will be capable of winning their match.  Whether they actually will or not remains to be seen as we wish all the players well for the match.  For those not playing in the match the club is open for the internal club competitions or even just for some friendlies. 

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