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Dudley League Team to have a final championship deciding match at home - Halesowen 1.5 - 2.5 Brewood

Posted on February 20, 2013 at 11:15 PM

The full match report of the Dudley League win against Halesowen is below but first here is the matchcard: 


Board 1:  Richard Woolley (121) ½ - ½ Stephen Micklewright (103)

Board 2:  Maureen Clark (109) ½ - ½ David Buckley (100)

Board 3:  John W Southcote (82) ½ - ½ Andrew Davies (99)

Board 4:  Joyce H Evans (77) 0-1 David Blower (95)


Whilst the Brewood A team at Halesowen managed to lose there was better news for the Dudley League team who managed to win away from home by the narrowiest possible margin of 2½ - 1½.  It did not really matter though how narrow the margin of victory was, the important thing was that the team managed to win, with all 4 players unbeaten from a tough match. 


The win mathematically secures at least 2nd place in the Dudley Chess League Division 3, although as that is now the minimum the club will achieve from the league it would be nice to now win the league.  Regardless of the final match though, the club can say for certain it has been a successful Dudley League season.  This is what happened in the Halesowen match: 


Board 1:  Richard Woolley ½ - ½ Stephen Micklewright.  Stephen Micklewright got a draw, although a detailed match report is as of yet unavailable from this match. 


Board 2:  Maureen Clark ½ - ½ David Buckley.  David Buckley also got a draw, although it was by slighly more normal means this time!  Maureen Clark and David Buckley both had one pawn and one rook each left by the time the draw was agreed. 


Unlike some other draws by agreement which can always be played out, this one was a dead draw, meaning that it would be impossible to force a win with best play from both sides.  After agreeing the draw both players continued to see if they could find a possible winner in theory, but it wasn't possible. 


It should be noted that rook v rook is the most common type of endgame in chess, so it is useful to know the rook v rook endgame drawing technique, which is easy to remember once shown, but can be easy to mess up if you don't know it. 


Board 3:  John Southcote ½ - ½ Andrew Davies.  Andrew Davies also got a draw, the material was even, although the Halesowen player felt he had a slightly better pawn structure on the Queen side as they had been more advanced up the board. 


Board 4:  Joyce Evans 0-1 David Blower.  With all the rest of the games draws, David got a victory to secure the win for Brewood.  The opening was:  C46:  Three Knights Opening.  David made a mistake on move 10 leaving his central e pawn en prise but it was not taken by Joyce.  If it had have been it would have led to all sorts of trouble for David. 


As it was both bishops and a knight of David's were exchanged for a bishop and both knights from Joyce.  This led to a classic knight v bishop game with David having the knight.  This led to some slow play with David shifting his knight from side to side, trying to look for a gap in the defence's of Joyce which due to the knight's lack of mobility was almost impossible to find. 


Meanwhile Joyce was using her bishop to control a key diagional but from long range.  It was a very even game, up until the point when Joyce blundered her rook in exchange for David's remaining knight, and the end came just 13 moves after that.  David then played a rook check which also forked Joyce's bishop, and left the rook on the 7th rank. 


The final checkmate position made the game look like it had a wider gap than it actually was, but once you have a material advantage in chess, it then becomes easier to get an even bigger material advantage. 


So overall the team did well to win a tough match.  It was an even match pretty much on every board until one blunder on one board decided the whole match, that is how close the match was.  It is true to say the match could have gone either way, the scoreline suggests it was close and on this occassion the scoreboard did not lie. 


Regardless of that though, the team still won and it does set up a final match decider for Brewood against Warley Quinborne at home on Tuesday 26th March.  TV coverage of the match is yet to be (and unlikely to ever be) confirmed! 


The situation is quite simple though.  Brewood are level on points with Walsall Kipping at the top of the league on 9 points but are behind on board count, and we will remain behind on board count if we lose.  Therefore we need to still get a draw from the final match to win the league.  Hopefully we will be able to achieve it. 

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