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Halesowen B blow the promotion race wide open - Halesowen B 3-2 Brewood A

Posted on February 20, 2013 at 9:50 PM

A full match report follows below but first here is the matchcard for this match: 


Board 1:  Jon A Asbury (130) 0-1 Derek Laight (160)

Board 2:  Don S Curry (130) ½ - ½ Roger Grainger (129)

Board 3:  Peter S Banks (125) 1-0 John Fenby (119)

Board 4:  Windsor WA Peck (122) ½ - ½ Mike Jarocki (119)

Board 5:  Paul J Evans (122) 1-0 Andrew Lenz (113)


If anyone thought that the promotion race in the Wolverhampton Chess League Division 3 was simply going to be between the 3 teams this season of Stafford B, Brewood A and St. George's B for the 2 places, they are mistaken.  Halesowen B won against Brewood A to move up into 5th place, admittedly 4 points behind 2nd and 3rd places, but with a game in hand. 



The defeat for Brewood A does mean that St. George's B have been promoted from Wolverhampton Chess League division 3, to division 2, so congratulations to them.  St. George's B had a good win against Halesowen B last time out and it always looked likely that St. George's B would be too good this season for division 3, as they had a very strong team. 


It is only two seasons ago that St. George's B got promoted from division 4, and they have won twice against the Brewood B team this season. 


So who else is in contention for promotion then?  It is now definately St. George's B and then one other club from a possible 4, as I said Halesowen B have blown this promotion race wide open.  Stafford B, Brewood A, Wolverhampton B and Halesowen B are now the other 4 clubs looking for the final promotion place, all of them with some chance (although it must be said not an equal chance!) 


It is still more than possible for Brewood A to go up, infact it is within our own hands.  2 wins from the final 2 matches will still secure promotion.  But the fixture list is against us as we have to play both Stafford B and St. George's B. 


Stafford B have the match already mentioned against Brewood A to come, and then a final match against Wolverhampton B.  Wolverhampton B have games against Rushall C and Walsall Kipping B before the final match against Stafford B, and Halesowen B the team least likely, but with the easiest fixture list on paper with matches against Walsall Kipping B, Brewood B and Rushall C. 


All that is to come though.  As for what happened on the actual chess boards at Halesowen, here are the detailed board match reports: 


Board 1:  Jon Asbury 0-1 Derek Laight.  Derek Laight was the last player to finish and was still playing as the Dudley League team left, in a tense endgame.  The position was equal in material when I left, with neither side looking likely to break through.  This was after 9:45pm so the game had been going on for over 2 hours. 


Derek eventually won keeping up his 100% record so far this season, so even though the other 4 boards meant that Brewood A had already lost, it is good that he has kept up his own personal record. 


Board 2:  Don Curry ½ - ½ Roger Grainger.  Roger Grainger also has got a 100% record so far this season!  Unlike Derek's 100% record of wins, in this case I am of course referring to Roger's record of draws this season!  He managed to keep his 100% record of draws up with another one.  This was Roger's last match before he goes to Iceland on holiday. 


Board 3:  Peter Banks 1-0 John Fenby.  John Fenby probably wishes he had drawn!  Instead he was offered a draw, and rejected it!  He then blundered on the very next move after rejecting his draw offer, leading to a easy win for his opponent. 


Board 4:  Windsor Peck ½ - ½ Mike Jarocki.  Mike Jarocki agreed a draw,and it looked a fairly drawish position.  It was equal on material with no passed pawns and infact a pawn structure on both sides that looked likely to be locked up. 


Board 5:  Paul Evans 1-0 Andrew Lenz.  Andrew Lenz lost very quickly early on.  A detailed match report for this match is unavailable. 


Congratulations to Halesowen B and they will now be looking to mount a very late promotion bid of their own.  They need other results to go in their favour but they are certainly capable because they have some good players.  The Brewood B team will have something to say about it though when they play Halesowen B in two weeks time. 

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