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Brewood B and Rushall C draw - Brewood B 2.5 - 2.5 Rushall C

Posted on February 12, 2013 at 8:00 PM

The report of a eventful night at the chess club follows below but first here is the matchcard: 


Board 1:  David Buckley (100) ½ - ½ Nigel Parker (103)

Board 2:  Paul Guest (104) ½ - ½ Josh Hennion (105)

Board 3:  Stephen Micklewright (103) 0-1 Alexander Jarvis (106)

Board 4:  Andrew Davies (99) ½ - ½ Alan Cross (97)

Board 5:  David Blower (95) 1-0 Peter Greenwood 78


Oh my goodness!  Brewood B somehow escaped with a draw, from a match that Rushall C had won, barring the final checkmate position in the final match to finish.  But the checkmate position never actually happened as an extraordinary blunder led to a stalemate and a draw. 


Unknown to both players it was the deciding match and therefore Brewood B escaped from the match with a draw, rather than what should have been an easy Rushall C win. 


Board 1 was David Buckley ½ - ½ Nigel Parker.  The match ended in a stalemate for Brewood B to get a draw from the match as the other 4 matches mentioned later on in this report had all finished, and the score was 2-2.  This has been the 2nd stalemate for a Brewood player this season, following Daniel Binfield's draw at Rugeley. 


There was clearly no hope for David Buckley to win the actual game, with Nigel clearly winning, but running short on time.  Nigel managed to take all of David's pieces, leaving David with just his king. 


The match should have been over at this point, but Nigel only had 2 minutes left.  But he had on the board his own King, a queen and an extra pawn more than enough material to easily win within the time limit, even taking into account that time was running short. 


David Buckley played on in the hope of achieving a stalemate, and even though a queen and king on their own is enough to win, Nigel then began advancing his extra pawn that he simply did not need to advance. 


Eventually the extra pawn was queened but Nigel left David without a legal move in the game, but he wasn't in check.  Stalemate!  Draw!  Match drawn!  A real "what on earth has he just done" moment!  If you missed it happening, this website does not do justice to what happened, but hopefully you can picture it happening. 


Nigel had a lot of time to win with the pieces remaining with David Buckley having just a king.  When he analysises it he will realise that all he had to do was use the knight's checking distance technique with his queen to corner David's king eventually leaving 2 squares for David's king to move backward and forward, and then bring in the king, and then make a final kiss move with the queen. 


Board 2 was Paul Guest ½ - ½ Josh Hennion.  This draw was a more straight forward draw by agreement.  Paul Guest reaction after the match on the way home:  "Josh offered me a draw a couple of moves before and I thought no, but then I realised it probably was a draw, as the pawn structure became locked up." 


With equal material and no passed pawns, judging from the final position that I myself noticed it looked a fair conclusion to make.  Further reaction from Paul Guest:  "we went through the variations after the draw was agreed that we were both thinking of, and its fair to say a draw was a fair result." 


Board 3 was Stephen Micklewright 0-1 Alexander Jarvis.  12 year old Alexander thrashed Stephen as Stephen himself admitted.  This was the first match to finish and although Stephen was disappointed with his own loss, he was sporting enough to admit he had been outplayed.  It is always good to see young players involved in the game, and to give credit to Alexander for his win is only right. 


Board 4 was Andrew Davies ½ - ½ Alan Cross.  In the end both players agreed a draw, although Alan had an extra pawn on the board.  The Rushall player couldn't take advantage of this as pieces were being moved backward and forward to and from the same position.  At the time this was the 4th match to finish leaving the score level on 2-2, with David Buckley looking certain to lose! 


My initial reaction looking at the final position was it might have been worth Alan advancing his extra pawn, for it to be exchanged to be then equal on material, but to then create a passed pawn, but it wasn't really given any serious analysis as the room was then watching the David Buckley match. 


Board 5 was David Blower 1-0 Peter Greenwood.  This match was a rematch of the away match between Brewood B and Rushall C from earlier on in the season, and it produced the same result.  The opening was C26:  Vienna Game:  Falkbeer Variation, although it transpositioned into C46:  Four Knights Game:  Gunsberg Variation.  


After 8 moves David had produced a combination of moves that he has used against Peter Crozet, Paul Wright, and Daniel Binfield in club competitions and friendlies to go a pawn up in material with Peter seemingly unable to predict what was coming!  An exchange of queens left Peter unable to castle as he had moved his king to take David's queen. 


On move 15 Peter made a blunder with his rook but David failed to take the hanging piece, as he noticed seconds after moving, but by then it was too late.  It is never easy to play on in the situation when you know you should have took a hanging piece from your opponent, but yet you didn't. 


Nevertheless David then managed to gain another pawn and a bishop, before exchanging pieces to leave him with Bishop and Knight and 6 pawns v Knight and 4 pawns for Peter.  Eventually David took Peter's remaining knight, and took all of Peter's pieces with his bishop and knight, queened one of his remaining pawns, and it led to a standard queen and king checkmate. 


So overall an eventful night at the chess club.  A disappointing night for Rushall C who will leave knowing they had an easy victory turn into a draw. 


As for Brewood B it was actually a useful point as far as the league table was concernced putting us into 5th place in the league, level on points with both Halesowen B and Walsall Kipping B, but ahead of them both on board count.  It could be possible at the end of the season that this point saved us from relegation! 

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