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Another narrow home defeat for the Brewood B team - Brewood B 2-3 St. George's B

Posted on February 10, 2013 at 8:45 PM

The full match report is below but first here is the matchcard: 


Board 1:  Anthony Colabella (114) 0-1 Lee E Collier (151)

Board 2:  Paul Guest (104) 1-0 Ken Wise 138

Board 3:  Stephen Micklewright (103) 0-1 Lennie Johnson (137)

Board 4:  David Blower (95) 0-1 Chris E Griffin (103)

Board 5 was defaulted by St. George's B. 


The Brewood B team failed to do the Brewood A team a favour in a close home defeat for the Brewood B team against St. George's B.  The evening started off in a relaxing mood, with players even starting some friendlies against each other, and matches in the internal club competitions.  All was going well until some players from St. George's suddenly started arriving claiming they had a match against us. 


It turns out they were right (although readers of the website would also have known!)  Brewood B team captain Paul Guest was as shocked as anyone when it was pointed out that yes a match from earlier on in the season had been rearranged for this night, and very quickly tables and chairs were organised so that the match could be played. 


With it being a home match the captain need not have worried about the strength of his team that was available, although that identifies the reason why the team news had not been confimed as the match preview was written!  Brewood B were still able to field a full team of players that have been competitive this season in the league, but in the end a close match was lost 3-2. 


On board 1 was Anthony Colabella 0-1 Lee Collier.  A detailed match report for this board will be added should it become available. 


On board 2 was Paul Guest 1-0 Ken Wise.  Post match reaction from Paul Guest was:  "My opponent will be kicking himself as he gave his own queen away.  I might not have noticed but he started shaking his head after he made the move, and I thought:  "whats he done here then."  It took me a while to notice it, but after taking his queen, all I had to do was not mess it up which I very nearly did." 


On board 3 was Stephen Micklewright 0-1 Lennie Johnson.  Stephen Micklewright reaction after the match was:  "I thought I could take back his piece, but then I noticed I was in check."  


On board 4 was David Blower 0-1 Chris Griffin.  This was the last match to finish, and unknown at the time to David was the deciding match.  The opening was B30:  Sicilian Defense:  Old Sicilian.  


The middle of the game was even in material all the way through, and it came down to a fairly tense endgame.  Doubled rooks on the c file from Chris led to a mistake from David placing his king out of position, and this allowed Chris to go 2 pawns up.  With Chris either about to queen one of his extra pawns or at least get David's one remaining rook in exchange for it, David was forced to resign. 


Board 5 was meant to be a game for Paul Wright but it was defaulted by St. George's B. 


Congratulations go to St. George's B who are now top of the league by 2 points from Stafford B and then Brewood A.  Although the evening may have started off in a comical fashion it made no difference to the result, with St. George's B fielding a very good team with some strong players. 


As for the Brewood B team, the next match is against Rushall C and it is realistically a must win match if the Brewood B team are to avoid relegation to division 4. 

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