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Brewood B 2-3 Wolverhampton B - match report

Posted on January 14, 2013 at 11:50 AM

A narrow home defeat to the Wolverhampton B team keeps the Brewood B team in a dangerous position in the Wolverhampton Chess League Division 3 with the threat of relegation still looming.  Wolverhampton B outgraded Brewood B on all of the top 4 boards.  


Here is the matchcard: 


Board 1:  Anthony Colabella (114) 0-1 Philip D Porter (137)

Board 2:  David Buckley (100) 0-1 Jonathan B Hunt (143)

Board 3:  Paul Guest (104) 0-1 Geoffrey C Rosser (119)

Board 4:  Stephen Micklewright (103) 1-0 Peter Hubbard (110)

Board 5:  David Blower (95) 1-0 John Kinsey (Ungraded)


Detailed match reports from boards 1, 2 and 4 were unavailable as the webmaster simply forgot to ask anyone having concentrated on his own match on board 5.  Paul Guest did give me some reaction about his own match on board 3, as he gave me a lift home, and my own reaction about my own match on board 5 is below. 


Board 3 was Paul Guest 0-1 Geoffrey Rosser.  Paul Guest reaction after the match:  "I lost after about 6 moves really!  I lost the rook and the knight and then after that a couple of pawns just to make sure I lost!" 


Board 5 was David Blower 1-0 John Kinsey.  At least its easier for me to do my own match reports!  The Vienna Game:  Falkbeer Variation was the opening in this one, which transpositioned into the Four Knights Game:  Italian Variation.  The early exchanges allowed David to go a pawn up, before a blunder from John allowed David a free rook. 


Analysis showed there was an opportunity for John to at least get back a knight from David, but the opportunity wasn't taken.  In the end John ended up having to move his queen to save it, which allowed David a knight, and resigned having to move his queen again to save it which would have allowed David a bishop. 


In the end though a disappointing defeat for Brewood B although perhaps it wasn't unexpected.  Match reports for boards 1, 2, and 4 will be added if they become available. 

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