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Birmingham Checkmates 1-3 Brewood - the match report

Posted on December 27, 2012 at 7:20 PM

The match report of a very enjoyable match against Birmingham Checkmates is below but first here is the matchcard: 


Board 1:  Martin J Draper (Ungraded) ½ - ½ Andrew Davies (101)

Board 2:  William Rees (93) ½ - ½ David Blower (Ungraded)

Board 3:  James O Draper (Ungraded) 0-1 Mark Binfield (Ungraded)

Board 4:  Cameron Westwood (Ungraded) 0-1 Daniel Binfield (Ungraded)


A fine win against Birmingham Checkmates has now extended Brewood's lead at the top of the Dudley Chess League Division 3, to 3 points.  Birmingham Checkmates have a very good reputation as a good junior chess club and with good reason having won the league the last two seasons in a row. 


This certainly proved to be the case with it being a very good match, the youngsters on both teams (Daniel Binfield from Brewood, William Rees, James Draper and Cameron Westwood from Birmingham Checkmates doing really well,) and everyone from Brewood admitting they had a difficult match. 


Board 1 was Martin Draper ½ - ½ Andrew Davies.  A fairly even game all the way through was the last match to finish, the draw agreed with the result already decided in Brewood's favour. 


Board 2 was William Rees ½ - ½ David Blower.  With white David opened up with the four Knights Game:  Scotch Variation.  The middle of the game allowed David to get 1 pawn up. 


The end game was unusual as the knights were still on the board, David managing to keep his knight, whilst William exchanged his knight for a passed pawn.  Eventually a draw was agreed as wins which had already happened on boards 3 and 4 for Brewood meant this guaranteed a victory. 


Board 3 was James Draper 0-1 Mark Binfield.  Mark played Sicilian Defence with an unusual and likely to remain 'botched' variation.  His young opponent took full advantage and was only 1 move away from a forced win by Move 14. 


Mark managed to castle queenside and escape the trap.  His opponent left a bishop unguarded and then Mark was able to take advantage with double rooks on the h file.  Well played to young James, this is likely to be a one and only win over this youngster for Mark! 


Board 4 was Cameron Westwood 0-1 Daniel Binfield.  The battle of the 2 juniors on Board 4 transposed into a 3 nights game with a sort of inverted Ruy Lopez.  Daniel left a couple of pawns en prise and after the queens were swapped off entered the endgame in a desperate position. 


However he generated a passed pawn on the a file and found an excellent move with his rook to force his opponent to trade it for the queened pawn.  Daniel's recent practice with the Rook and King mate came to good effect and allowed him to get the win. 


It should be said that with boards 2, 3, and 4 finishing relatively quickly this allowed the opportunity for some blitz matches between various players of the clubs, which were also thoroughly enjoyable.  David Blower played James Draper in the blitz matches where David like Mark also saw how good James was. 


Overall a good win for Brewood, from a tough match. 

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